28 Jan


A cocky year has started, namely as its bellicose nature, indeed.  In my country the Presidential elections have been estimated by international observers as “partially free”, “partially free of fraud”, “partially fair” (by the people). The President, a socialist party descender, left-wing bent, has entered the office and the political game arena in a very decisive, categorical and storming manner. The very few prerogatives and almost purely symbolic profile of the post, however do not allow him to install an absolute autocracy or any other sort of regime, as the parliamentary form of republic according to the Constitution, prevents him from any such individual or party-group initiative. He has nevertheless attempted to de-gyrocompass the shabby, shaking corpus of the pauperized, and abandoned “ship” by the European and International patrons. Unluckily Russia face up to their own troubles now with the internationally applied economic sanctions and cold war with America, to accept to patronage an almost default little country and assume the inevitable soaring discontent of the world. Thus, we remain on our European integration itinerary with a formally democratic profile but with an acerbic continuous internal strife, a paralyzing functioning multiple-corruption (the analogy to Multiple Sclerosis – neurological debilitating degenerative disease). We are still in a prolonged suspense because of the perpetually vociferating, clamoring dissenters, cynical and aggressive enough, who strive tooth and nail to accede to power and use it like an instrument or a glove for their own or clan benefit and interest!

The one week in office of the American newly-elect President Donald Trump is much more consequential for the International state of affairs, as USA has always been the un-challenged hegemon who really dominate. Despite the fact that the universally favourite in the presidential race had been Hillary Clinton, his Highness the People of America, or their voting majority have decided otherwise. There are not any proofs of external consequential intervention from Russian hackers who allegedly had sabotaged the work of the Democratic Party camp, or any other form or forgery. So that Donald Trump was knowingly, willingly, discerningly been chosen as President. There is a severe discord soaring between the winning half of the nation and the critical other one who has put on the weird-eared pink kitty cap and have flooded the street to express the discontent. The movement was prompted by unprecedented controversial annulment of several laws and regulations that touched the interests of certain vulnerable groups such as the defunding of Planned Parenthood programme, with the unconvincing argument that women should assume more responsibility. Somehow they say that clinics from the entire world were benefitting from funding and respectively their research and treatment projects would be closed. The highly-controversial, to my mind symbolic wall, that was promised and is being advanced for implementation along the frontier with Mexico is another matter of dissatisfaction, as this signals the tip of the iceberg of the intended foreign policy and a Presidential establishment’s attitude towards immigration in general. The walls were functional for the defense and protection of a country in ancient times – a physical barrier intended to stop the warriors assaulters. In a modern era of unprecedented ubiquity of technology, drones, satellites, Internet through which much more powerful and dangerous blows and strikes might be applied to a country, a mural is trumperious farcical, a comics-like caprice … and, it turns out an astronomically expensive whim.

Another remarkable coincidence that speaks volumes is that on 27 January, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the President of the most democratic country on earth obviously ignores it and explicitly refuses to kindle a candle, and ring a moment of silence and recollectedness in the memory of the millions of Jews exterminated in Nazi camps. He offended the feelings of the powerful Jewish diaspora in America, his cold contempt and disrespect had been highlighted by other activities that the President in office has undertaken on the said day. The warm reception of the British Prime Minister Theresa May in an official visit looked conspiring and supportive for both parts involved in the negotiations. Let us not forget that the British are seeking their exit from the European Union whose baptizing patrons and founding fathers they are, and the former USA administration and President were predicting and warning that in the nearest several years GB should not expect any serious business established with America. However, the two leaders of countries seemed to agree fantastically well on the 27 January, despite all those recent past disparities and disagreements between the two countries.

The immigration policy, more exactly the mutually shared rejection policy of Syrian conflict zone refugees, I think is the hallmark of this warm entente. These two are the states competing in the number of bombs dropped and missiles exploded on the territory of Syria targeting the terrorist group but obliterating the peaceful population in the act. Symbolic, as I said is the day – on which people brought tribute to a people victim of genocide.

I was astonished by President Trump’s inaugural discourse in which he was chanting slogans very controversial ones that they are going to make America great again, they would raise Americans out of welfare and bring them back, give them back their jobs. From my knowledge, educated and competent, competitive people never stay out of business not to mention to beg unemployment benefits to live on. America was a country immigrant-friendly, but from my country only the best, the most qualified immigrate to America, the diligent, disciplined, intelligent ones dare to go over the ocean. The majority from here emigrate to European countries, with which we have free visa regime, the work permits come from the possession of Romanian citizenship, which is a European Union member since 2007. And… the human trash remain. The mortality and crime rate have soared in the last ten years. Here remain the uneducated, unqualified, the sloths, hooligans, the drunkards and drugers unfortunately stay home, they are not fed by the state either, not any allowances or benefits are offered, these wastes of the society are exterminating themselves rapidly, die young but not at all dramatic, are kept by their moms or wives working in the European countries on a legal basis.

There is the lean layer of intellectuals who are resistant enough and still endure the disdainfully derisive low salaries and absence of opportunities on which we survive. However, not with a gold rush purpose in view, but I still admire America and still am seriously thinking of emigrating legally to the country of my lasting aspiration.

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