07 Jan


The Second Christmas celebration (6-7 January, Orthodox Christian Old Rite) has drifted away in a blizzard – very unusual for the latest Global Warming trends.  I am highly grateful for the recovery-recuperation vacation that has last since the Christmas of 25 December up until after the – in progress one – in the current year. High Time to rehabilitate myself, to re-vigour and restore myself from the heavy run in the first term of the academic year, so as to re-emerge perfectly fit and ready to dislocate for a more focused and task-oriented second mine one. It could seem from aside as archaic antiquated to observe the old rite one, but in my native village, from the South-West, since the time I can remember myself, the New Year Eve was celebrated (in my family) in a modern style merry-making, decorations, fur-tree, garlands lit, a festive meal, outfits, invited guests, a classic movie and a mega-concert with all the pop stars on TV. While 7-th of January Christmas was the masks’ carnival. Bears, goats, old witchy hags and their atrociously looking partners, dancing dingily some scenes from the quotidian, and… masks of spirits, ugly, frightening ones, threatening, haunting,  rising like from the enduring mists of past epochs. I fainted once when I was a child at the view of the “exotic” well-wishing band and at the impact of their festive caroled clamour.

When I was a child the 7th of January Christmas celebration was forbidden, those were the Soviet times when churches were closed and religious faith dismissed and censured, superseded by ideology and propaganda. In modern era – the new millennium, post perestroika – the old rite Christmas is somehow justifiably ignored by the majority, as we already have aligned to pan-European values and joined in celebrating the 25th of December the Christmas which has no roots here, and has become the strictly commercial high-time of quests for grand promotions and races for glamour wares’ sales – consequently – the heaps of gifts, champagne sparkles and fireworks. The MASKS… – those remained for the old-rite-new-year.

Another highly motivated argument to adopt the new commercialized trend of raising the champagne glass on the 25th to the defavour of the old-rite is that the latter is observed according to the Orthodox Christian old calendar and that one is RUSSIAN. The radicalist and extreme-right new movements abhor and vilify everything and anything that has anything to do or any sort of tie in the past with Russians. No, it’s not paranoya – it’s an elegantly booted (very expensive leather-latex-velour imitation of military style, but actually only the sole-platform is partzanish-chegevarian) the whole is obviously – coherently built PROPAGANDA – an anti-propaganda, full-stop

That is astonishing how the American elections have ended in a full dead-end. I have been enthusiastically following it the entire track all along and have constantly set it as an instance of how a modern clock-work functioning democracy is electing its nation’s leaders. The world leaders, by default. However for already a month, we, the world have witnessed a resounding overthrow of the situation with the landslide last-second triumph of the far from being popular Republicans and the heinous subversion of Hillary Clinton – the absolute favourite in the presidential campaign race, not only in Carolina + Florida + Nevada sum of the equation but worldwide!

Paradoxically but again (!) – the Russians are to blame!!!

The stoical silence of James Comey – the FBI chief is professionally motivated. He has been accused of biased actions against the running candidate Hillary Clinton, challenged  to present the proofs of the Russians’ involvement in the USA election campaign, to admit the huge (it turns out of long duration, almost a year-long) Russian cyber-hack of the Democrats’ camp, which sabotaged the final results, to officially de-mask the source of the politically lethal cyber attack.

Professionally motivated – indeed, the top intelligence and secret information body of America should be conform to its statute and mission. Historically, however, George W. Bush has chuckled in his sleeve that he had had several millions of mails vanished, disappeared without a trace. Taking into consideration the potential highly classified information critical for the state security of the 9/11 President in office, the society should have been more exigent in requiring a rigorous inquest and reports from the INTELLIGENCE, it could have been more consequential in possible explanations and international crime deterrence. Hence, the entire mails-server scandal – an encumbering burden on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, was a complot of the FBI badge-uniform authority plus – again paradoxically – in-group, internal strife and sabotaging.

I admit that Russians did have an interest in closely following and maybe, having a hacking hand in, so as not to purposefully collapse a candidate, but to incline the balance to their own benefit and future fruitful collaboration (not a potential win-win cooperation was in view).

Equally from past precedent we have the fact that Hillary has been sabotaged by hers, by the in-group; at the previous presidential election after she had run the entire campaign on the last 100m before the finish the Democrats decide to remove her and to nominate Barack Obama, he having higher chances to win. In his last 4 years’ mandate we have had constantly the Couple Obama in action and in office, the world has counted more than 60 pationate smooches on public occasions and hot embraces and deep eyes-in-the-eyes scenario; Michele Obama thoroughly, “heroically”, petulantly, conspiringly was advancing her own agenda. I cannot exactly say what agenda she was promoting, fiery discourses about anything from race rights, gender equality, achievement, fulfillment, us against somebody, us against the OTHERS in the stormy applause of an improvised audience. Again on the last 100 m we have discerned from the nebulous of the social networks suggestions-proposals of “ why if we advanced Michel Obama as nominated candidate, or maybe Barack again – it would be more complicated but if the entire nation would really want it – you’ll have it”. Even on the last days in office, Michel has again stolen the spot with a final discourse of one of President Obama’s family member. Meanwhile the President on his last few days in office was re-debating live the value and benefits of the Obamacare Act, which is likely to be instantly repealled by the treacherously grinning new-comers – the winners’ lot.

As for Hillary, well she remains great and loved by the people but I womanly regret the bear scars left on her dignified person, I cannot fully understand but the predator bear hacked politically, tactically from inside her camp before she has been lynched by the Trump elephantine camp and only the last come the Russian cyber-bears to close that circle.

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