01 Oct


This year’s hot Olympic summer has finally been rounded up, concluded in a corona ceremony at the White House in America. I was enormously pleased to re-view my own, and the entire planet’s darling – Simone Biles & team, being offered the highest laurels of all – the tribute of the country from the hands of the President of the USA in person and his consort. To watch the competitions, however, this time was very complicated, all the rights for the live broadcast had been reserved, licensed – enormous amounts of revenues, we suppose, had been made on the records recording and transmission. My country had access to some team-games competitions, running for infinite hours since early in the evening, until late at night. So that, what I could do to follow my favourites was to READ the news on BBC.COM, where if I was lucky – a scarce photo was attached. Not even after the events, the video of the performances had chance to creep to the HUNGRY of visuals public! Simone Biles’ programmes, for instance, I had the chance to watch only on my FB account from the posts of my subscriptions, who overtook from somewhere else the video. More exactly, her supporters and friends published them. Besides, I had the opportunity to also watch the video of the enchanting synchronized artistic programme in the swimming pool by the Russian team – from the posts of their faithful supporters!!!

I stated earlier RECORDS, and I really mean it, because grim scientists argue that there is a limit for human strength, rapidity, plasticity, which the present Olympic games, proved to the contrary!!! Sports experts, reporters, reviewers, critics were all contrasting the performance of the American gymnast Simone Biles, her prominent muscles of an athletic built body, her clock-like, mechanical- automation precision, clear-cut moves, her perfectly performed compositions, the Russians themselves were forced to explicitly describe their admiration for her interpretation “like a bird’s in the skies song, dance”. They were doing it with a sort of reserve, with a sort of jealousy and envy, because the Russians have their own very strong teams of artistic gymnastics competitors who surpassed in their turn all the limits of plasticity, malleability, of agility and artistism – that was sports on the edge, transgressing and bordering with high art – ballet!!!

The backstage rivalry was shaped by the mutual accusations by the participant countries in doping suspicions; the doping scandals, having been another bench-mark of the modern sports. The progress of sophisticated stimulants, difficult to detect and prove, have become another nano-speck that fills the champions’ arsenal.

I wanted to return to the afore-mentioned awarding ceremony at the White House where on the stage there was certainly the esteemed President Barack Obama – the multiple-gold-medal champions and Michele Obama, president’s wife. Well, my remark is about Michele, she is for sure an all-times champion herself, a basketball player’s height – some two meters tall, plus, Mme Obama, 100% indulges in heavy work-outs, her sculptured arm muscles and perfect shape would readily compete with the shape of any other champion!!!

Be excused my profany, but I do not see the sense of Paralympics, it seems to me that by wanting to appear humane and by highlighting our condescendence or X degree of tolerance, we fall in the opposite extreme – cruelty. Somebody must have watched those disabled figures, those packed with painkillers competitors performing, engaged in a race for primacy, running not just for medical rehabilitation and maintenance of body’s vital functions, but competing for the rivalry’s sake. Moreover, a jury must have assessed the performance and determined a winner. Human Rights campaigners were crying about injustice and discrimination for not permitting some teams to the games out of varia motives (some say – political ones)… Alleluia it is all over. The majority of NORMAL people refrain from contemplating painful to watch images.  Nonetheless, the 2016 Olympics from the very start-day appalled the planet when a male competitor had literally have his leg (calf) broken into two while performing his jump. I suppose he had already had his leg broken before that live, despite his reassurances, while being sedated already, that he would participate in the next Olympics, it seems to me that even if that would happen, he would figure only at the Paralympics.

The final conclusion from the Mexico’s top sporting events is that, besides the sportive qualities, talent, strength, performance, enormous amount of work invested in preparation; it is increasingly becoming a competition of sponsors’ investments (I refer to the luxurious, expensive, perfectly body-hugging leotards from gymnastics and I refer to the expensive, high-tech-textiles costumes and equipment), plus the race is about who would pass as clean (in doping terms).

It is to a Wi-Fi connection and bandwidth that rests hung the current government of the Republic of Moldova. Yesterday, a local equivalent of harvest festival – The Wine Cultivators’ Day was marked. Our equivalent to the British parody character Mr Bean – the Finance Minister Octavian Armashu, resorted to a staged MrBeanian parody, simulating a self-handicapping scene of a two-meter-tall protester who poured a bucketful of milk onto him while he was passing by from his office. The celebrations and music of the Wine Fest were in progress in front of the Government building on the Central Place, so that he had intentionally not taken his institutional car from behind, but had launched another affront to the wine-cultivators – the basic Moldova’s staple – like claiming that he bathes in milk-and-honey (as in antiquity the scandalous adulterer Cleopatra) rather than celebrate the money providing product – the Moldovan wine!!!

This Armashu’s revelation suggests his personal attitude towards the present week’s Government Decision to assume the responsibility for the infamously renowned grabbary of the Millennium – the billion dollars theft from the three systemic banks which have been bankrupted and closed. The grabbary of the billion had been passed on to the budget with an anodyne explanation by the current Prime Minister, Mr Philip that the state would have to recover this grabbed money as a state debt during the following 25 years. This means as some figuratively had figured out that each child further on is going to be born with a debt of 4000 Moldovan Ley, (my monthly salary of university lecturer, for comparison is of 2800 MDL)!!! This also means the authorities refuse to investigate the crime, they simply stop the investigation and renounce to recover at least crumbles from the enormous for my abject poor country money theft. This could moreover, mean the current government wash their hands of the crime in which they have participated themselves, had been accomplices or beneficiaries!!! The Government and Mr Armashu are laundering the enormous and dramatic by its consequences, crime, they are letting escape responsibility the former Governor of the National Bank – Mr Drugutsanu Dorin, who is the NUMBER ONE CRIMINAL shaking his shackles and not the treasury gold, guilty of the pillage of the state reserves, he made possible the laundromat and the grabbary with his personal involvement. The inquest into the 2013-2014 money laundering and money theft from the three systemic banks is painfully, purposefully slow, apart from the ex-Prime Minister Filat, who was condemned recently for corruption and traffic of influence charges, no other head of bank or any relevant for the case person in authority has been convicted or is blacklisted.

My conviction is that the yesterday’s catwalk scroll of the country’s Treasurer on the trottoir is just an awkward mark-down of his being the next competitor candidate for the criminal inquest, just one discreet apparition out of the league of champions – the immortals of the Millennium Theft who gradually would have to step back to their mortals ones’ immunity – thus be convicted for crime!!!


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