04 Jul

Summer festivals this year are special. The LavenderFest-2016 in Moldova does not have a long-standing tradition: the scent from the Occident was inciting enough to positively charge us so that to consolidate our will to engage in.  I have run an Internet search and found that the Lavender Fest is a steady, well-established  tradition in New Mexico USA, starting on 12 of June, here in Moldova it was celebrated the second year on 18 June, in Oregon it is fixed on 2-3 of July, almost intersecting the Independence Day the 4th of July with its ritualic BBQ picnics. I love it!!! I loved the globalization trend of the open-air perfumed field reunion to inhale the eco-friendly atmosphere, to consume the country music, to purchase a refined souvenir,


to roam freely like a cloud, striking delicately the waving cropfields, to let yourself be preached about vegetarian nutrition, yoga, meditation and certainly  participate in a thematic costumed photo session… This year the event has acquired several additional meanings as it has become a touristic promotional memento, an ecologically clean environment stand with a personal contribution of the participants – a fee having been introduced and (!) unfolding under the auspices of the Minister of Culture. My Hat Off!!!

…Except for the heaps of trash which were left behind by the revelers and the deserted completely combed, cropped field – the aromatic-therapeutic plant having been carried away by the grabby, exhilarated visitors.  

The loungingly arrival with heavy muddy wellingtons of the Glastonbury festival participants was categorically shocking this year. Yoohoo – decadent enough. Both the participants – a medley artistic mob as well as the invited performers have indulged in a rapturous drift into the pouring shower and euphoric dances in the gigantic paddle. That rain and marsh being simply the much sought after ingredients to add to the strong sensations, experienced from the synchronized penetrating fused vibrations of an euphoric mob.


The 4 festival days (22-26 June) have overlapped with the people’s scrutiny in GB – the Brexit referendum. It seems to me that the close wins of the Brexit vote to the disfavor of the IN veto: 52% to 48%, nevertheless emerged like a total surprise for the majority of the population, who woke up on a Monday as if after a nightmarish week-end on the 24 June. The exit procedures have been promptly triggered and willy-nilly now the British are packing their luggage, with the insistent urge from the EU authorities. The EU has received a stab in the back, now being afraid that this unexpected win by the far-right skeptics could degrade into a viral avalanche serial run.  Several high profile resignations /dismissals are awaited, the nation has become even more divided, the controversies are piling up. Scotland has claimed independence from the Crown to remain within the EU; London, that has recently elected a Muslim Mayor has also claimed more administrative independence.

The entire world has once again tasted the bitter feel of the people’s vote for solving extraordinary complex matters that surpass their decision-making capabilities. Let us remind the infamous Crimea referendum – a lawful YES- annexation of foreign territories, and now the Brexit – NO – EU treason case, Britain’s failure to comply with the assumed commitments towards the Continent and the rest of the world.

Alas, here we are, that is which way the wind blows.

Last week, an unfortunate interjection in the form of a two-words phrase, inadvertently dropped by my long time much esteemed advocate and Russia’s Presidency’s ombudsman – children’s rights militant Pavel Astachov, has gone so wrong, augmented by the Internet distortions, amplifications, anger and need to make somebody culpable that he was forced to resign from his post.

These are some of the consequential events irremediably provoked through the might of TWO SIN/MPLE WORDS.

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