24 Jun


Kandinsky – Blue Painting Oil Painting

The deliberate silence of the local media is indeed attention grabbing. I mean they ostensively are digressing from the imperatively essential to reflect the ephemeral pop-ups. Weighty voices have recently been heard, for example, with respect to the Brexit referendum. The pretext invoked is – shut up – that is not our business at all, we are not even an EU member yet, we are insignificant provincials – it does not concern us. On the contrary, I say – it does concern everybody. The Brexit referendum


is England’s cynical, mean, egoistic reasons driven response in terms of international policy, to the humanitarian/demographic catastrophe caused by the REFUGEES’ crisis. I am positive that they would voluntarily participate in the bombing raids in Syria, as they did in Iraq, but when it comes to the consequences of their intervention – they wash their hands and turn their back.  In addition, another reason for the Brexit diversion would be to undertake some maneuvers in the internal polemics; they have their own internal dissenters – Scotland and Northern Ireland who would opt for more autonomy from the central British power, but WITHIN EU. GB, cannot simply break the lay EU riverdance, they are from among the founders of the megastructure, that would be destructive and… besides, they would settle a bad example. Moreover, it is not convenient for them in pragmatic terms. (: I think they would be punished with an economic cold-frozenish play if they do.

I also find repulsive the petty cold war, the local media are engaged in playing against everything that comes from East, I mean Russia, indubitably. These, the majority of the local media, are subservient pocket pets, to read – marsupials, who are paid for reflecting/not reflecting anything that comes from somewhere!  This is wrong and unprofessional. This week – another eloquent instance – all the online media have assigned a sensational headline space and zoom to the fact that the unique white she-wolf from the local zoo, was foully and criminally poisoned by some visitor. The news emerged as just a nice photo (that could even be symbol one taken from photo-morgues) and the dry, bare fact notice, not any mention about any police investigation, measures taken to track the perpetrator and bring charges to him, measures taken by the zoo to enforce stronger protective steps against some unwholesome visitors. Just a diverse fact, a sort of melodramatic mini-mini sensation.

More by token, the Karelia summer camp tragedy on the 18 June current, in which 14 teenagers lost their lives, which IS RELEVANT for our reality as well – was barely mentioned. For me – not the Brexit whim referendum, not even the verdict pronounced for the Moldovan Corruptionist of the Millenium was the EVENT of the week, but that Karelia tragedy. It was profusely reflected in the Russian online media, I followed with empathy the unfolding event, how they responded to it, their rescue operation, psychological first aid intervention, the work with the victims some 40 children and their parents from the summer camp. The children’s interviews were insightful, in terms of the teenagers’ perspective to the system, to the response to the tragedy, to their individual coping with the post-tragedy stress. The summer camp was of a specific kind, as the educational element was not the traditional team competitions in sporting activities, artistic recitations of poems/songs/sketches and dances around the pyre.  Maybe those all were included, but the camp was specialized in training children to develop certain skills like rowing and managing boats and kayaks on (an impressively large lake Samozero). Children were retelling about their daily training in tying knots, and rescuing operations with their peers. On the fatal day about 40 children embarked on boats to traverse to some island with again some training tasks involved. All of them were wearing life jackets; all of them mobilized and reacted in a surprisingly constructive way to the violent storm and the subsequent capsizing of the boats. Some had swum to an island, some to the rescuing operation agents, they were helping among themselves, supporting each other(!!!)… The authorities have decided upon establishing a memorial as a tribute to the children who did not make it till the end. The media, as I already mentioned, have faithfully mirrored all the post-tragedy polemics regarding whose guilt it was, who was to be charged – the authorities who were to be more strict and rigid with respect to policies, sanitarian control, staff selection filters; the agency who organized the summer season camps for the teenagers; the educators who were personally directly involved in the organizational/educational/decision-making process, or even maybe the parents themselves.

Now, this summarian tragedy, that I deplore, cast a dart into the bull’s eye of our Moldovan summer spending ways. The Moldovan educational system is derivative from the Soviet times Russian one. We have almost the same traditions, including for the long three months of summer vacation. Now we insistently want to seem different having adopted the European educational standards to reform our local educational system. The result of this bridge resulted in a completely void summer offered by the educational system for the nation’s youth. The summer camps which have remained are very expensive, not every parent would afford to have their children spend a 10 days’ rest at such a resort. The mass soviet times summer camps which were affordable have disappeared. Educational designers and decision-makers should think and make some simple calculations to make a prognosis about the prospective gains and losses that future would inevitably confront the society with, as a result of a catastrophic 12X3 (12 years in school X 3 months of yearly summer-long vacations) of the country’s school-age population.  I do not attempt to even imagine how and with what would the majority fill in the long vaking. It is vital to realize how much it would cost us the great educational vacuum in the near future.




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