23 Jun


Twenty something years after the division of the USSR, I caught myself on the idea that we have not moved far away, have not much advanced. We are stationed in the almost same condition with almost the same given data, except the mass privatization of state property which has made FILTHY RICH over the night some circles of individuals caught in the process at the right moment in the right place. The tip of the pyramid only, the base of it has lost everything also over the night, including the prospect of ever rising on own feet through some dignified own unique, valuable human resources.

Yesterday, finally the trial of one of the most “infamous bastard” of the modern history of my almost failed state, has come close to its end and a quantitatively expressed sentence was pronounced. The damage caused by this predator is impossible to evaluate, nor how critically it has affected an entire nation’s destiny. Enough only to mention the exodus, the mass emigration of the young, educated, productive-fertile population, leaving behind a completely depopulated aging country with a reduced, humiliated nation living in ABJECT POVERTY on a strip between European Union’s domain and the struggling, stuck in the midst of times Ukraine. The cause, this hyena is prosecuted now, is however not for the genocide he is definitely guilty of, nor for having masterminded and benefited from the theft of all times – an estimated billion dollars grabbed from three bankrupted, liquidated now, state and commercial banks, but for some little game of his – traffic of influence and bribery in astronomic amounts. The HYENA is convicted right now, not the PREDATOR in the same name Vladimir Filat. The Justice System theatrical scenario was truly revolting in certain instances. Among the witnesses for defense figured the ex-Governor of the National Bank – who is a 200%  his accomplice in crime – he is the assault instrument in the grabbary of the billion. This “witness” must also be sit on the convicts’ bench, side by side with other gross figures involved. I believe he was coerced to appear at the trial by the hyena group rather than bribed (the latter variant is not excluded), that was an official allegiance/complicity pact between the hyena and the weirdo, for any case valid for the future emergencies, otherwise it would mean capital failure for both of them. Moldova has been transformed in a deceptive laundromat (they say Russian) one, the flow of monetary liquidities coming from the East, afterwards the conveniently gilded bucks here in the captured by the criminal group banks – off to offshore phantom firms and fiscal paradises.

The judiciary deliberations are not over yet, on Monday they are going to pronounce the final verdict. Me, personally, I have followed the proceedings of the trial holding my breath out of anxiety and awe – a truly creepy character – the cancer of the system. I simply admire the prosecution team – these guys are real heroes – here real bravery, action, intervention, procedure surpass any fathomable fiction.

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