09 Apr


Out of the VIRTUAL  primitive thicket, the Internet jungle. Last week my country – a central European one, was marked by several events, some that have been duly remarked by the public opinion, but some other ones that had not been given much attention or importance by literally anyone. First, I would dart the dizzy piece of news that Moldova with the technical support from Norway has started to work at a common project on aerial photographs of the territory to create the digital models of the relief, so as to update the patriarchal database of cartography and cadastral information.  Well, I would try hard to be more accurate and precise as to remind myself that it was who actually published the Annunciation! The present announcement allows the audience to deduce the level of GPS coverage, data available on this transom-platform between East and West. There is no Google Street in Moldova, Google maps is completed, fed and updated from private amateurish sources, dear Governance, admit it, confess it two weeks before the Holly Easter celebration!

Taking on responsibility and assuming the shame, the Government in office, headed by the ex-Minister of Information Technologies and Communications, Pavel Filip, accomplished a mission of honour for him and for my country by taking this emergency step for modernization, indispensable for promoting further reforms. Having “Rendered therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s” for what is truly a spartanian mission, to pin down, to finally fix-locate our country on the global virtual map I must return to the nasty news.

We focus now on the opposite side of the shame: we are filled with pride for the resourcefulness and entrepreneurship skills of some 22 Moldovan businessmen involved in the Panama Papers scandal, among whom the ex-Prime Minster is rumoured to be involved. The moment the leak burst out on Monday morning there were mixed feelings, we could see the personalities of global importance and influence being involved but smiling awkwardly, gesturing chaotically, blushing; our kneaz said he was only in a second degree, according to the scale of influence, touched through his business partner at a petroleum company they own. Gradually and rapidly the news became more alarming for the 5 leaders of countries or governments whose names appeared in the tax havens scandal with the harmless tax evasion neighbouring in a same bundle with money laundering – paradise of corruption but also with the much nastier, serious crime. Thus, the Islandic, British, Russian, Argentinian, Ukrainian leaders had to justify themselves humbly evasively, or categorically deny the fact, accusing the OTHERS of seeking to tarnish their reputation with this “attack”. The Islandic and British leaders had the worst reaction from their people who taxed them heavily and urged for resignation from the high office. Dozens of other known names have surged progressively as those heaps of documents are being processed. The gigantic gap for the finances of the respective countries is contrived by the loopholes in the international system dysfunction of financial and legislative regulation systems. The loss is heavy, especially for the 99% of the world who live from a monthly earned salary or barely survive from it until the next month’s payday, after the state deduces the tax contributions to its treasury. There truly is a sentiment of the state unjustly exploiting the destitute but leaving the golden cast of filthy rich (not an epithet here, word used in its denotative meaning), allowing them to become richer by nesting around offshore wind-energy honey farms. The global heavyweight gamblers tax dodgers, the list is in progress; aided by self-serving hugely compromised, corrupted to the marrow journalists from foxing spinning channels, indulging complacently in “euphemisation” or avoiding to anchor sensitive subjects involving their patrons who feed them the seed from the hand.

The SOURCE of the leak this time is not the whistleblowing journalism (!), or some mega hacker-secret agent, but the all times old internal “femme fatale”, or more exactly the offended, repudiated secretary-lover story, from the Monsac Fonseca proprietors. For such a trifle of a cup of tea what a devastating avalanche from it!

The association with the story and the little local application by our local folk shepherd-heroes and milking-heroines is truly epic. The apparition of the ex-escort driving a luxurious expensive Mercedes to the trial of her so-called husband was the apogee of epicity-fabulosity  and captured immense attention from the public opinion. The “event” almost surpassed by far in internet traffic all the other real-importance events that had taken place during the entire week. The joy-ride of the escort came into close scrutiny of the Anti-Corruption Agency who are investigating the case of the individum- her husband accused of having organized the robbery of a billion $ – the robbery of the millennium. The escort had been already confiscated a Porsche Cayenne a twin of the make collected from a twin prostitute he used, in October last, when her “honey” had been arrested, together with all the other properties and assets he possessed. The car in question is found to be registered on some other subordinate subjects like this woman, the usual scheme of hiding the stolen or criminally obtained assets. This escort really deserves a golden strawberry bonus for her impressive revenant-come back onto the stage of worldly events, synchronizing her pop-up of a mole who had had enough time to work out and ransack all her “honey’s” pockets, until he has lain, his hands fast-tied in his imprisonment. Of course he has never been hers, nor she is any more his, such obscure persons would not wait long to find a substituting consoler, it’s their nature (Karenina, Margaret and the Master are classic masterpieces) that one is a groveling pest story.






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