24 Dec


The groundbreaking banking crime investigation from Moldova is revolving and has increased in scale and intensity.

Yesterday there was the first audition in the trial on the robbery of millennium – 1 or maybe 2 billion ML from the Bank of Savings RM. The main culprit is the former prime minister (Vladimir Filat), who in 2013 had been impeached for acts of corruption and traffic of influence. He subsided for almost two years, continuing to perform his criminal activities from the shadow, resorting to blackmail and intimidation, eventually promises that allegedly after the parliamentary elections he would be appointed either prime minister again, or speaker of the parliament, in the worst case – president of the RM. His royal aspirations and inurement, above all, his contempt and psychotic delusions that he is almighty were fed, cultivated since his faculty times in Iassy Romania, when he was said to deal in forbidden drugs on the campus. Later on he became actually the lord of contraband, bought influence and penetrated into the power corridors, from there a promising political project had been offered which launched him. That was the starry period of privatization of state’s property where he took a very active part – the entire Moldova’s industry and manufacturing branch was absorbed by the crocodile grown into an enormous dinosaurs. A perfidious manipulator he did not miss a chance during his addresses thoroughly polished by a team of schooled PRists, to call himself “Yours, Vlad Filat”. He gained the people’s trust and favour by heroically couping the communist party that turned out victorious in the 2009 elections, he organized a pogrom – a revolution as a result of which the Parliament building had been completely destroyed by fire and pavement stones thrown by a furious mob. That became his winning card – the 7 April “revolution”, which promoted him as a leader fighter against the Moldovan people’s enemy – the evil – the communist party. Later, on a regular basis the escaping goat for all the crimes he was committing were the communists. He morphed into the communist leader, because he methodically implemented their schemes of domination – he inserted in the echelons of power, the top-down hierarchy his sympathizers, whereas the dissenters were immediately removed from their work positions being thus compelled to migrate abroad for economic reasons. More than two million of the population have emigrated in his triumphant period – an exodus, a mass migration. The remaining had to love “their” Vlad, orelse they were qualified as communists’ supporters. The people have lived in abject poverty, the ones who had nobody abroad to send them money for staples, while the elite was squandering, stealing the money from donations, credits, loans, financial aid, grants from the international financial institutions given to the “young state” that was “struggling against the ex-communist regime”.  So that for 20 years we have grown dirty rich billionaires in American dollars who have soared high above in a paradise of theirs far from the needs of the basic population.

The contraband and privatization lord was nevertheless arrested in the very parliamentary building during a parliamentary session. He considered himself immune, he was still negotiating in human capital equivalent whom to “sacrifice” because he nevertheless sensed something.  The hero had been handcuffed from the tribune by the one who had to be sacrificed instead of him – the General Attorney; on the basis of a 20 printed pages self-denouncement of the manager of the liquidated Bank of Savings. He had used the bank for two years at least to race his money laundering schemes and enormous uncovered credits with the transfers to phantom offshore firms. He had treated the bank manager as his knave who was personally fetching him bags with millions in cash, who was forced to personally fill in the golden cards for his offspring in Switzerland, that boisterous high-school teenager, a Moldovan justin beber   had been featured in the scandal European press as having organized parties in the mega expensive Nikki Beach in Saint Tropez, appearing in photos as splashing €500 the bottle of champagne with his buddies.  The champion’s champion!!!

Yesterday (!) the criminal Vladimir Filat admitted having received 800 millions ML from the manager of the Savings Bank of Moldova, but not in exchange for influence, not under pressure but as GIFT, he also admitted having used 1.5 million ML as air travel services he consumed for travelling, and 1.8 million ML for hotel services where he was travelling. (We wonder whether he included in the Savings Bank sponsored bill, the escort expenses in terms of prostitutes, because recently a video was aired in which he acts with a prostitute. That one had been subsequently confiscated her Porsche gift from the fiery lover, also her accounts filled in consequence of her services to the high client, she is now searched by the Interpol in connection with the investigation).

The total amount that figures into the Savings Bank manager’s depositions is 250 000 000 American Dollars!!! and categorically not as a GIFT to a much worshiped deity. The prison term he is expected to be (“given as a present”) is up to 15 years of detention.

That would be a real GIFT for the exploited and cheated by a dirty cockroach Republic of Moldova! That would be a real triumph of JUSTICE.

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