04 Oct


Another battleful lesson we, the humanity, had to engulf that marked the preceding week – the Oregon College mass shooting. What lesson there (!) that was during a class in an academic environment, 10 students were killed, with some other wounded, and the hero of the tragedy Chris Mintz 30, a war veteran, father and student, had been literally riddled, fortunately he remained alive. The perpetrator, Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer 26, a student himself, is said to have killed himself and having had the intention to do it, because he used to repeat throughout that madness that he would shortly join in to those killed. Not much is communicated about the background of the mass shooter, except the fact that he loved guns, he owned some, an entire arsenal actually, used to talk about them in the virtual environment, was good at aiming, he did not use an AK but a pistol which he recharged and killed the victims in turn one at a time. Another fact that is known is that he had some racial, religious prejudices, intolerance, although none of these had been perceived as determinant during the rampage, except the dumb petulance to kill. I personally wonder whether the monster had some personal reckoning, whether that could have germinated in his sick mind as a revenge plan, because the first person he shot was the teacher with the shout that he had earnestly wished to achieve that moment. I have a virtual connection to the Oregon University, as I have completed an e-course sponsored by the State Government, and another one by private courses providers, so that I mourned the tragedy, my interest is genuine, the society also should, we are not desensitized to violence and suffering, this can happen indeed everywhere, no one is immune.

God save and protect all the teachers / professors; we in my country, Moldova, are celebrating the Teachers’ Day on the first Sunday from October, plus on the 30 September is the International Translators’ Day which is also intertwined with the first date for me and my Chair colleagues. Not any lessons can be learnt from that: not any laws (guns regulation or euthanasia) would remediate madness, nor any freedoms of religion or universal right to education would eradicate profanity and intolerance.

An outrageous fashion show by Rick Owens during the recent Paris Fashion Week for the Spring-Summer 2016 season collection shattered the public opinion. All the media had hyped the event the social networks had exploded with activity on the marge of the models wearing models event. A Q&A followed in which the creator had answered the queries citing a source of inspiration and kindling even more heated debate. The models wearing other models in quite awkward positions like a foulard or a knapsack, looked visibly burdened despite them being physically very strong, vigorous and well-built. The spectacle was repelling and scandalous reminding of the piggybacking computer virus, unacceptable, transgressing parasitism overall. Maybe the author was inspired from Arthur Schopenhauer’s association of the involuntary will which determines the psychic life of the person and the intellect; in the 19th century he described metaphorically the relation between the strong unconscious will and the intellect with the image of a vigorous blind man who carries a cripple who does have vision. A similar analogy is found at Sigmund Freud who presents the metaphor of the powerful horse who boisterously strives to get rid of the galloper, an image used to explain the relation between the Unconscious and the Ego. By the way, my source where I learned about influences, emphasizes that Freud, it was proven, had read Schopenhauer much later than the moment when he wrote about his theory of psychic life of the individual as composed of the Id/Ego/Superego where that metaphor appears.

Whether the controversial fashion designer derived inspiration from the philosophy and psychology classics or some other more recent source, or maybe his artistic impulse was fed from his own misogynism, the result is a hyperlink to a lesson learnt from the history of  psychology  but a pure insult for art. And for us the consumer public.

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