29 Aug


Humanity’s categorical thinking propensity has lately completely backfired. Since a couple of weeks now, an intense media campaign has started with graphic images of groups of despondent Syrian people that are fleeing light, just several pieces of luggage on them, for their survival. The most revolting fact is the question addressed to the audience even by the well-respected BBC – a sort of survey, public opinion poll: watch the images, (you know the humanitarian crisis that is going on for some four years there, the genocide, the chemical WMD that had been used, now another pest – the ISIS) – look and categorize, qualify – are those people immigrants – thus making the trip towards a brighter, happier, more satiated-satisfied-contented-comfortable life; or are those people refugees – fearing for their life and the life of their dear ones?!!!

I have been constantly shattered by the “iconic images of the week” constantly captured and sportied by AP and the BBC of profound tragism: the distressed father who miraculously had escaped a wreckage embracing his three children; another father, desperately pushing through the border barbed wire his wonderful little daughter – forward from death to life. We could however witness the other side of the barbed wire story – the insensitivity and indifference of Europe – refugee mothers full of dust sleeping crouched in a coach or station armchairs with their little ones by, exhausted, frightened, a small bottle of water at hand, at the mercy of the local population who is said to timidly help with food and water. Some other ones not even so lucky to get a shelter whatever, or a roof above their head, were sleeping on the bare ground. Not to mention the controversial case, it obviously looks like criminal one, of the Hungarian-Bulgarian fried chicken van smuggled across several European states’ borders, found in Austria full with dead bodies, among which even the body of some little children!!! No wonder the states involved are turning a blind eye, are keeping silent, or… conspiring with the culprits, at least no one involved had jumped in up till now with information identifying the truck, the owner/s, the destination, the motive, the present place of the beasts guilty of the death of 71 people!!!

Interestingly enough that the Europe’s strong and rich states, not only that are tergiversating, procrastinating in their inactivity, some states are even adopting in a hurry some provisions against receiving the wave of humanitarian disaster escaping refugees. Time magazine had signaled the coinage of a new slang word “merkeln” with the meaning “to do nothing”; while the British PM David Cameron had recently enjoyed a surfing holiday together with his wife at Cornish Bay in a highly polluted area. France had displayed photographs of their mass of welfare dependent immigrants also like an excuse – they are confronting with their own surge of security dependents…

In the meanwhile several concrete questions have been formulated which are indicating to possible options or action plan, which is a great advance from the open-ended inquiries, rhetorical, vague, blank, confused attempts; transforming gradually the mere contemplation and invitation to polemics about a disaster into a humanitarian intervention action plan.  It is time we break down the vicious circle of by-standing spectators, humanity had cynically enough awarded the Nobel Prize to the NGO which promised to evacuate the chemical waists from the attack upon the Syrian people, but there has nothing been undertaken in regard to those people, whose condition has not improved since then, but on the contrary – has catastrophically worsened….

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