13 Jul

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One of the most grievous translator’s sins is succumbing to “false friends” backing – the TRANSLATOR’S FALSE FRIENDS. This refers to a cultural adaptation of the source discourse (verbal/written) graphic already – pragmatic adaptation to a different context, this is also about the more inferior level – the syntactic units collocation – the erroneous syntax, it could be because of an incorrect equivalent for a preposition, or even more innocent – the infamous comma case. Leaving out an element or a wrong association of translation units TU, would result in a malinterpretation of the content. Not to mention the case of intentionally, premeditatedly doing so, in order to create confusion or distort the message. Like in genetics the wrong transcription of one protein of a gene, its annexation to another segment to which it should not be linked, an agglutination not to its destined place – produces serious disorders that would sabotage not only the fluent development but survival and existence overall. This compromises the validation, in any event.
My attention gets often stuck into a queer FB group, the name being in Romanian, it sounds something like “Life Certificate” or maybe “Certificate/ation for Life” in English, I had not joined, I wonder what that could be about, another thing to elucidate would also be of great assistance in the correct interpretation of the group’s denomination, associates and targets, if it could be found out whether the group is set up by Moldovans or Romanians (the language is the same).
Some serious confusion could be caused by the fact that the vocabulary stock of a language evoluates in pace with the progress of the people speaking the language or in relation with the changing realia, diachronically, longitudinally. The famous proverb “all the roads lead to Rome”, or the equivalent – to Mecca, refer to the period of the roman Empire and its capital city at the beginning of our era, which is self-explicit; to Mecca – because this is inherent for any living Muslim to undertake at least one pilgrimage in their lifetime to the heart of the Islamic center of worship – their saint places, especially after the holly fast Ramadan. Probably for the latter set phrase this is still valid entirely, but for the former – this had since long ago become a metaphor – an idiom with a high level of abstractization that could be applied to potentially any situation of which the participants of the communicative act are aware and have common grounds. All the roads lead to Rome for the members of one family would mean the native nest – their parents’ house, for the co-nationals from wherever they would be, their Rome would be the capital city of their native country to which they are keen, are yearning to return over and over again.
I strongly expect that the two days’ march undertaken by some chimeral, group, platform or whatever of extreme right orientation – the so-called “Bridge of Flowers” from the capital Chishinau to the destination of the former, old Capital of Romania Iashy, at a 155 km distance, had a purely symbolic significance. If we admit this, it would be valid their effort to get through all this way for a joint hora – a lace in a dance, with all flowers, balloons and flags and their sincere enthusiasm for the cause of preserving the common traditions and marking some past events in the past common history. Yes we are sibling-nations, we have the same genetic code but we are not otherwise connected, we are categorically different, separate, independent one of the other one, moreover we would never be retied again. Unless they are pursuing some other mean purposes as to disturb the already extremely unsettled waters here in the local politics, to provoke the dormant spirits and produce some other turbulences of the checkered ambiance, in the close vicinity to the Ukrainian on going conflict, civil war, and locally the advent to power, legitimization of some newly-born Moldovans over the night millionaires, criminal elements, through, check it down “democratic” scrutiny. In the framework of our European integration orientation, the only real chance to modernization of Moldova this “unionist” march makes no sense, it is on the contrary detrimental. We had already chosen our path, we are the only country from the East European block that has a free visa regime, the stakes are high, we MUST conform, but the deviations of the type of last Sunday’s event, (a unionist march) are disturbing. Romania are already since 2007 an EU member country, they are in a privileged position compared to Moldova, but they have their own problems, they would not in any case deal with or try to solve the mire from here where the banking system under the criminal protection of the governors, they being the commissioners and organizers had stolen literally billions – a country’s budget for a year in a blitz period of two years! In addition the data of the recent census had confirmed the fact of the demographic catastrophe, the mass exodus, the population had been cut off by half, it is less than three millions now. In conclusion: we have a failed state the people had been forced out in search of a job and of a civilized life standard, the semblance of a democratic system is badly virused, maliciously functioning like an unfixed casino where the reshuffle of cards gives the same combination of asses which are the same bunch of those viral “new oligarchs”.
Thus, our Rome destination now is not Iashi, not even Bucharest the current capital of Romania, definitely – European Integration is our goal, on the condition of complying with requirements, meeting the conditions, standing by the legal terms, on the condition of doing the homework, which the governance want to cheat, refrain, beleaguer, bypass, circumnavigate!!!!

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