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Ouch, except, for my red, painful pimp on my chin, I am OK – my high normal. Oh, I have just aped, I regret it, the personage who has grabbed the entire attention of the globe by transgressing radically to transform from a 65 years father of 6 children, after 20 something years of living in an ordinary monogamous family with a woman who was his wife. The public rant is on with all insinuations possible that it was done for the money’s sake, perverse, or anything with Bruce/Caitlin stepping graciously in to dismiss the stiiingy rumours from the human fair-bazar and assure the craving for a reaction masses that s/he, (already) feels the current steady normal.   I would say however psychiatrists should decide whether it is a sexual dysfunction falling under the nomenclature number 423 in the DSMV, or some unspecified gender dysphoria 459, or, dear me -schizophrenia. Everybody knows about how filthy rich is that little family, all of them making money of cheap little scandals. Every God’s day is marked by a bursting out “look!” at Kim’s naked, oily silikon filled buttocks, “watch” these glittering, glossy rubber balls with a tiny rag of latex barely sustaining the burden of lust and lure.  “Stare” at the bloated belly with the flashing angelic denial in response of the protagonist – “no-no” not only that she is not pregnant with twins, she is not pregnant at all – she has laryngitis. She is a neutral humanoid nothing better than her father; 50/50 her, the rest being medical technology, esthetic if she pretends so. After this little lyrical digression, I return to the subject of my preoccupation in this post – Jenner – who I think, exaggerated a little in the existentialist struggle that has gone on for a long time, we suppose, in his-her head. He felt “mistreated” by his woman/wife and as a direst revenge to all the members of the family, and his wife mostly, at an age when some vertiginous overwhelming changes naturally occur in a human organism that must be bravely  faced – he became a woman, he felt like a woman, he acted like a woman!

Unless this is another thing – a competition – a race for fame, an obsessive-compulsive want of attention, because Jenner is not the only exemplar of this kind, Jenner is prominent by the advanced age at which he undertook the complex person/personality shift – “Call me Caitlin”. She is not bad nevertheless, has she been a fan of Catherine Deneuve?

When one wants a change, the treatment pill in our power is either turn to exercise, build whippingly a muscle mass to be proud of, resort to a slam slimming off period, or both combined if it is complex enough. This marathonist Jenner, has already experienced intensely everything on him/her, this might be a desperate response to an apogee of spleen and boredom. Well, rich ones are weird and… can afford to be so.

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