23 May
Metamorphosis of Narcissus 1937 Salvador Dal? 1904-1989 Purchased 1979

Metamorphosis of Narcissus 1937 Salvador Dali 1904-1989

The curious buzz of the last week was maybe unnoticed by some, but the object of a good joke and a grin from the others – Hillary Clinton’s LinkedIn account, with some extra details which captured the attention – she enlisted all the data about her career except the fact that she failed in the 2008 presidential bid campaign (an insignificant deception element because even SHE too wants her profile to look attractive).  I think that was rather a joke by the author of it – well LINKED IN (the professional network – she has reached the peak in her domain in due time); WIRED – her resounding private/chancelorian correspondence dilemma has finally been solved; and definitely HOOKED she is in again, toughly re-engaging in the race for the highest post in the country, equally, without any exaggeration – in the world as well. She has all the grounds to succeed!

I am not engaged in politics but I do care about what is happening. In the last couple of days we had the Riga EU leaders summit the most important after the Vilnius one 2013 when the East European block of Ukraine, Georgia and my country Moldova signed an association agreement for EU membership. In the meanwhile there had some trying/testing events taken place for all of the troika: Ukraine had dipped into a true civil war, had lost its Krimea, Donbass, is on the verge of federalization – defragmentation process because of the division of opinions, orientation; even yesterday we had seen a manifestation of it – the Ukrainian women rataplanning heavily in some buckets and casks – a sort of alert and attention grabber, screaming disfugaratedly something, while their leader the sweet president Poroshenko was being treated at Vilnus with another €2 bn euros tranche to implement some chimeric reforms. Georgia in their turn are keeping silent they have their Caucasus, the Nagornii Kharabach, they are even farther from the Europe and from the prospect of ever joining the mega formation to become a civilized, law abiding, full-rights, member of it. My country had since then undergone parliamentary demoncratic as ever elections, that have definitely changed the configuration and profile of the governance. We are now not a Soviet – Russian mongrel, how we used to be dubbed in Europe – we had rather converted into a Georgian-Turkish clone, a sort of chechneya-like fundamentalism-extremism, not religious in nature, but stubbornly opposing to change and modernization, resisting to it in a desperate attempt to perpetuate, to cling to the criminal chaos, we now have the mafia in the highest office, they are playing the fiddle, the lethargic people are displaying some reflexive moves that are – yes this is the dance to their fiddle blowing tituppily. We, by the way had been the most privileged, as very soon after that moment in Vilnius, Moldova had been granted the liberalized visa regime – which is enormous for us. We had seen yesterday Russia’s triumphant comments – hey- not any perspective at all – our brethren Ukrainian expected to also obtain the liberalized visa regime, but they got only an insistent tap on the shoulder request to solve their major inside problems and design a genuine incentive to accede. This was valid for all the trio group.

Last week’s ELLE magazine cover was again scandalously and defyingly featuring a Julia Roberts wide-mouthed prototype breastfeeding her kid. The carnal glorious moment of the fed plump naked child asleep instantly after, was inciting-instigatory rather than reminiscent of the Madonna with the Child biblical icon. That was on the symbolical nurses’ week. In my country women do have paid maternity leave, only that nobody almost honours the other promise of re-receiving the woman to the former position after that – they are basically discarded – a good reason to stuff the position with an own supporter, own people, as management changes frequently and cardinal changes intervene with this. So that young women are confronted with the or/or choice, to be a woman-mother or advance in a career. Another worrying related phenomenon is the dramatic demographic decrease we are having. During a deep democratic regime we had had of “technocrats” that had plundered all that the puerile dystrophic “sovereign” state had, followed a general exodus to Europe of productive age citizens in search of work – the economic reasons migration, emigration actually. Instead of a population growth: we used to have several decades ago 4 mln people, now we have 3,5 people. So that the dilemma to resuscitate the dead or have women of expired, non-valid generative age artificially produce some offspring stands ostentatious. We have arrived to live the times when the “at all means” whim of having a child is not any more a grotesque fairy tale of having it by swallowing a pea pod, a transgressive transformation of a pig, of a toad, of a kid-calf, in the cabbage leafage, brought in the stork’s bill, through drinking some miraculous water …

It is possible to have one’s own child through improved cell-culture augmented techniques. This already is not a miracle but a progress of the human potential full-exploitation. The good news!

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