09 May

We, MOLDOVA, are floating in a deep green-greyish fog of deception and disinformation. The officials are sweating heavily to save their skins and those of their superiors whom they are feverishly covering. We, MOLDOVA are in an induced coma, it is not cancer, our dear advertising guys, those two you are artistically portraying are decayed corpses, (decayed nanas of the Zola-nian Germinal, decayed by debauche and vice – the pleasure party girls); this one is a long term coma for MY PEOPLE.

The stolen billion from the banking system of this young and anemic, sabotaged from its birth – state!

My last post was a mark of suspense an exasperated expectation of a poorest country from Europe, that had made the half first step of being accepted as a member in the EU. Being an ex-socialist camp member of the former USSR this would have been the greatest chance for the state to exist, its key for modernization and rise from the most abject poverty and degradation. Given the geo-regional circumstances, and the imminent danger of being if not conquered militarily over one night, then graciously annexed in a modern democratic way to the Russian empire again – once again the EU accession would have been the panacea.

Now that everybody is stupefied by the proportions of crime we are turned the back by every and each decent and dignified world financial body and country of the international community. It is worse than the Assad’s chemically bombing his people. Here the casualties are heavier because it is annihilating any chance for the future.

The system is dysfunctional, it would not take any single measure to address the problem, put the criminals to jail, to confiscate and return to the state the robbed assets, to remediate the social crisis, to bring the astronomical sums back in the country to the banks that had been dilapidated.

The defiance and contempt is unheard of: the low criminal Filat had done his way, had made the state his own, and the guilt is all placed on the little Jew the obscure – Shor, a truly unknown and young character, not in a power position nor his father had ever been (!), a dark horse they had appointed in the decisive blow moment to the banking system. All that was known about the now “giant schemer” the main suspect in the affair of all times, who allegedly, had crashed the system was that he had married a singer from Russia of Georgian roots, and he was a Jew. Too forte for an elf to create a complex network of phantom firms in all Europe and off-shore to make out of the Moldova’s banking system, including the pawn in this mega game the National bank – a malicious money laundering bot cobweb of robbing literally, astronomical sums. Everything in a chronometered time lapse of TWO YEARS: 2013-2014!!!

After this fraud had finally been perceived by the unaware people: last week there had been an organized march in the capital – 40 thousand participants from different districts of Moldova – to press some resolution of the case, to dethrone the criminal who had recently, at the 30 November 2014 elections rewon his deputy immunity after having been dismissed for crime two years on the kerb contriving, hatching his criminal schemes (Filat’s nephew had become millionaire in two years in these circumstances); some most dishonorouble speculations had been projected into offensive. We have a miraculous merger of all kinds of forces that are taking advantage of the standstill to reverse the blight to their own profit.

The dishonorouble speculations above pointed are launched into the offensive by the nobody else than the mega patriot party – the Liberals, who had scaffolded their reputation on an extreme patriotism and intolerance to the offenders of our national identity in the past – the token enemy – the communists. In parallel with the demystified report prepared by the foreign audit firm Kroll – a big soap balloon which has premeditatedly hidden the basic facts and perpetrators, had selected the escape goat to give to the furious people for being lynched; the liberals had composed their own variant of pseudo-investigation and report. Because they had acquired a very low percentage of votes in the last scrutiny, they had been reduced to silence completely by the junta. Now they had thrown this parallel report of theirs – a salvation life belt for the wrecking – they had served the people on the waiter the consolation – a totally wrong fact – that the bad loans had always been granted by the subjected to the consecutive governments banking system. The benefit the liberals are expecting from that intervention in a turning point moment to justify the crime – is they want to power again, they want a reunification of the Alliance for European Integration that had crashed since long ago because of an  irremediable conflict of interests. They need to regain their voice and vote to pursue their own narrow interests. That report was their sacrifice in the eve of the Easter, the cynical kiss on the People’s cheek of the defector. That report of the liberals had been their own lifebelt.

The anecdotic several months’ long, chaotic Brownian motion of all the national security, anticorruption, juridical system structures, the national bank incoherent stuttering, at all levels has culminated with the climax of this week – the “main” suspect has been put under domicile arrest. Hey! Ilan Shor – the little Jew, the astronomical schemer is under home arrest for 30 days. We can only fancy the 30 days of the multimillionaire in his luxurious mansion, watching movies, surfing the net, playing computer games, having a swim in his swimming pool to relax and reduce the tension of the term after which he would be freed to flee into the wild and proceed to his basic activities again.

They are all lying they are all crawling, forging the data, hiding the facts, distracting the attention, blaming others, blaming on the system, blaming on the past. Ha-ha – the criminal filat is suing the reality!!! That rascal has recently banged another trial against the strongest and most reliable printing media “Realitatea” for hosting on their blogging platform filat’s main denunciatory the ex-chief of the economic decisional organ of the robbed banks, whom he had also sued for presenting to the public copies of documents that were unequivocally proving the CRIME. They are still playing and the churn dizziness of the giddy band is making us all a little dizzy.




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