29 Mar


I have lost the question mark on my keyboard. I have not eaten it – it does not function. So that my batch of amassed emphatic rhetorical questions would look like brooding, musing, rumination or pure revolt on an issue that has given convulsions to the entire Europe if not world during the past ultra-violet week.

What if the axe had been used more intently against the cursed encapsulating door, what if the locked out pilot had a concealed gun with full right of possession on him; a state from USA have allowed it in the context of GermanWings tragedy events! What if the captain did not leave his place of extreme responsibility and duty during maximum two hours of flight, my query is not senseless – did he have a dysfunction, if he couldn’t abstain for a relatively brief period of time! Was the co-pilot’s decision about manually reducing altitude from 10 000 to 30 m – a spontaneous one – triggered by an obsessive compulsive episode or a long –time premeditated act!

The European mass media have unanimously blamed the tragedy on co-pilot’s mental disorder – all the headlines were screaming “the mad pilot”. The fact is that at the beginning it wasn’t at all certain who was inside and who left, the initial information ran as the captain having been barricaded inside; then after some consideration they decided logically: the father of two kids with a loving wife waiting for him around the home dinner table could not do that, so that they sent him to the toilet and the burden of the horrible accusation fell on the tormented younger pilot who had “good reason” to  be so embittered and enraged as to commit a terror act!!! The good reason – was not his personal drama – the failed relationship, but his documented mental disorder problems. This is the most plebian/primitive insinuation, stigmatizing the mental disorder problems, because let us not forget that he was a marathonist,  he would have made it, he would have taken his degree of pilot shortly, despite all grins addressed to him “the tomato Andy” – like lacking willpower, like chicken!!! Was the co-pilot subjected to discrimination or bullying schemes; the captain had 10 years with the GermanWings but the chick Andy had only his feathers springing – only 600 h of flight as personal record, nevertheless a very promising pilot, strong and determined, persistently following his all-time dream!!!

We have had another Anders the Breivik one from Oslo, a “brave” far-right neo-fascist that had shattered the world with his mass killings in 2011 in Norway. That one also had well-founded “motives” for the terror acts he committed – his patriotic convictions, his hate against immigrants into his country, more specifically Muslims. Maybe he abhored labour because he decided to destroy from the root the future working class; since after having exploded a bomb placed in a van by the government buildings, the superior echelon video games warrior aimed towards Workers’ Youth League summer camp on the island of Utoya. That gamester was methodically preparing for the act of his life – he produced the bomb out of pesticides, he was active in the social networks, spreading the “doctrine” his “manifesto” – he was not found psychotic or schizophrenic – he was sane and reasoning, he did not commit suicide as a culmination of his triumphal final act, and … unlike his 77 victims is alive and well in a modern-civilized prison for the rest of his life; insisting on his human rights to having given his video games in the cell!!!

We must also note that by contrast to the Malaysia extraordinary disappearance into nowhere, an out-of-this-world vanishing without any trace left; the GermanWings trajectory was closely observed and in an augmented dimension traced on the radar during all its 10 minutes abrupt precipitation into abyss from its high altitude onto its pulverization passing into eternity. The agony was all the flight controllers’ and the victims’ dear ones’ thenforth. (Irrespective of the motive, or advanced pretext, hypothesis by the investigation team.)

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