21 Mar

Despite all odds and bets, I could not be dissuaded to quit my present E-spot my endeared blog, I reviewed it, and took the decision to continue namely here. My three months’ hang-outs were not vain or because I got lost, on the contrary – these were very significant, they materialized into a noticeable upgraded vision upon the Web resources by me, I reconsidered my place into the digital era, my work process, I have reconfigured my digital identity, filing for digital citizenship. The Internet hardware and the Web software are not ephemeral – nothing can vanish without trace, into nothingness – this is my firm conviction.

The main difference between a sane and a mad mind is the attribution and motives. Louis Theroux’s recent article  casts a glimpse on a forensic facility for mentally ill people, more exactly he zoomed in on the extremely controversial problem of NGRI (Not Guilty Reason Insanity) inmates residing there and subjected to a hyper-sophisticated system of attendance and care from a team of psychiatric experts. I say INMATES, first and foremost, the “patient” qualification is embedded in the first one in my perception(!); are kept there for serious brutal crimes committed before institutionalization, during or after externalization from the hospice by relapsing – recidivating. The five levels treatment through which the different specialists in psychiatry are targeting the lunatics: physical, neurological-mental through medication and the interpersonal therapies are pursuing the goal to solve the problem, treat the mental disorder and re-integrate eventually, ideally, ifever their output (“project”, as they refer to them) – the sane ex-patient into the normal society. We can infer the skepticism of the author in the success of this venture. He dared to challenge his own conviction out of journalistic sportsmanship and humanism, but demonstrated what the modern science of psychiatry unanimously acknowledges – the impossibility of this mission, not to mention that very case – when the patents are not mere sufferers – they are very dangerous criminals for the society. The mental disorder patient + criminal does not qualify for any human character features on the negative extension of the traits axis nor stylistic tropes. The stupefacient fact that even the respective experts are put to the wall by, because are impuissant about, is that “some of the beliefs (of those patients) are as a kind of psychosis – and yet they were also part of a worldview shared by millions of mentally healthy people.” After having studied psychology more thoroughly, my conviction is that this is just a confusion, an illusion that can readily be proven by science, just like the horrendous crime that had horripilated everyone literally.

Almost in the same line of thought, I mean psychological aspects of, this time, gender self-perception and awareness, which is a DSM category of mental disorder, I caught myself on the idea, that oddly enough in my country’s neighbor Romania two very prominent political women recently have been prosecuted for accusations of crimes and breaches of trust, embezzlement and fraud schemes. One has been found guilty. Young, beautiful, successful, powerful until not long ago they have been fiercely dented by the judicial system machine through the persistent efforts of a country that needs reforms. From one point of view this is a positive sign of recovery for the system from a bureaucratic and corrupt system since the socialist epoch on the state’s path to implementation of the EU integration strategies. However, from an another point of view, doesn’t this by chance mean just an eagerness to make the resemblance of reform but being a sort of revenge and reckoning of certain political subjects in relation to others, that have dropped in desuetude by the latest shifts of power. Were those women in power position acting independently according to their whims? Had Iulia Timoshenko in her capacity of Prime Minister of Ukraine, signed the famous gas deal with Russian Federation on entirely her own responsibility, laying the burden of legal prosecution and conviction only on herself? These are pieces of the system puzzle they have acted jointly, but are put behind the bars while the rest are free and clear of any suspicion. Had the males sacrificed the females in the checkmate situation and fled the camp, the battlefield leaving them accountable? Is this a case of gender discrimination or maybe those political actors that have acted in accord with those women have suffered serious mutations of gender self-perception and most grievously – of moral and conscience order into disorder.

In my country the situation is even more grotesque, here we are not debating about whether a certain step undertaken, was beneficial, profitable enough economically for the country as in Timoshenko’s case, or contending about a fraud in the Microsoft E-strategy implementation as in Elena Udrea’s case, here we are whispering about a stolen billion, 15 % from the Treasury’s assets of the country through three banks under investigation. Point it down, the society is whispering! being muzzled because in the greatest robbery  ever are involved the National Bank governor, oligarch-businessmen, bankers but the main schemer protagonist with his nephew sits in the Parliament and is head of a catastrophically compromised party that by “miracle” detain 23 mandates out of 101 and are driving the “ball orchestra”. Because we are frozen in a suspense before an international Audit firm is investigating the situation at those banks and is due to soon come with a report about the situation that endangers the solvability of the country for the immediate near future; because these malicious, criminal group oh hyenas are seeking to impose a moratorium for additional 9 months term in which to allegedly investigate the case. The 9 months term would give Republic of Moldova an irreversible output – a monstrous bastard out of a group rape incident – the criminals would escape responsibility as they would cover, destroy, stifle, whitewash the fraud during this period and eventually would continue to grab more what remained, apply the verified schemes to other banking institutions!!!

My country has raised a timid white mayday flag on Friday by the President having convoked the national Security Council. We are very concerned and anxious.

Still, I insist as before, politics is not my main preoccupation!!!!

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