08 Jan


My pen up, I align with Charlie! I endorse the freedom of expression as the fundamental human right. I humanly stand by the families of the victims who are unconsolable in their feelings and dire moments that they are going through. The GLOBE mourns the journalists-artists that were executed heinously inside their Journal’s conference hall! at their duty! practising what their vocation and basic occupation is, performing their mission,  in the heart of Paris, the cultural capital of Europe. This is the most revolting thing about the tragedy. My deep respect to them! The Multicultural, Cosmopolitan Paris…

The planet ranged in solidarity, the investigation is under way, the perpetrators are very dangerous indeed, they must be caught, they pose huge risks at liberty.

Already much is known about the criminals. Some French correspondents refrained from categorizing them as terrorists. If they were jihadists, those three brothers, they would have exploded themselves inside the publishing house’s meeting hall, thus completing the martyrdom ritual. Instead they proffered their religion’s invocation, called out the leading journalists and executed them with shots in the head, just like the mercenary IS juhadists those ones that are making a business out of religion or whatever other cause, by marauding and looting and raising money from taken hostages. After the bloody act they vanished away. So, this a new form of terrorism, all say. The criminal brotherhood troika is French, they are all three born in France. This confuses a little bit the hostile discourse that has gone on for a very long time.

The talented, original satirists were wearing the gilded armors called “we are FRENCH”, we are the heirs of Voltaire. But Voltaire’s philosophy was candide, optimist, religious tolerant, he wrote pamphlets he never committed blasphemy against any other differently thinking representative. He was not teasing, bullying, aggressively provocative. Voltaire’s deriding sobriquet for the national heroine Jeane D’Arc as “pucelle” was sarcastically laughing.  He excluded the “pussy” from his volt’s protection, he was a man, and confident, refusing to obey orders from a woman coming from a low background, even if increasingly a popular heroine. His Zadig a protagonist of a series of stories, was uncomplicated, nonconflictual, not a quarelmonger, a common-sense optimist. That was Voltaire’s philosophy. A dignified, noble one.

I decline the term “sickening” however in qualifying one’s sensations towards CRIME!!! This one is not a proper word, nor an adequate epithet, metaphor, hyperbola!!!

The context in France has given rise to radicalism – right, green, left one. This is a manifestation of it – a French domestic cultivated extremism, the 7th of January was a confrontation between such extremes. Those satirists that have gone too far, that bid defiance to everything saint, by arming with their pencils to commit blasphemy, to attack somebody else’s values, offend sentiments, provoke aggression. The aggressors responded with the equivalent within their means. That was a war indeed!

I wanted to point down that Christians were celebrating Joan the Baptist martyr’s day on the 7th of January. The Christians’ religious feelings have also been offended by having cartooned a virgin as a male, giving birth to an adult Houellebecq, the controversial writer who converted to Islam and had just released a book. Or maybe vice-versa that virgin was the author in his labours to bring to light his theories… Not to mention that prophet Mohammed’s turban this time was not a bomb but a pair of buttocks! Highly offensive!

I passionately convincingly, condemn the Charlie bloodshed, terrorism and extremism!!!



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