04 Jan

Sweet is addictive…  After a prolonged period of winter “dolce vita” vacation, champagne sparkles, spectacular fireworks; sarcasm aside, the remission term is bitter-lead-painful, we might refall into relapse, the real withdrawal symptoms may be present at stoic efforts to return to normality, or everybody’s peculiar routine.  One of these days I read a joke in the social networks, somebody was bragging about something, some nasty adventure during the carnival, and claiming she had a sixth sense aroused. No wonder – human beings do possess on a regular basis, not five but seven senses: the sight, the hearing, the taste, the smell, the touch, the skin senses (temperature and pain), and, I call it – the balance and verticality sense. Each of them endowed with a sensitivity scale and delimiting thresholds. Brrrr (it’s freezing cold)!

This year the customary New Year’s Eve resolutions and predictions have taken the banal coat of a fortunetelling game and witchery invocation of all saints and spirits in order to achieve, reach, fulfill a “dream”.  I do have a plan and aspirations, and am not superstitious, but would not tell what it is I want to DO.

As for predictions, they are seriously rooted in the data that we have at hand, definitely not tarot cards reshuffle chances. We do not start from nil, we do not burry our limbs or breasts into those amputation organs cemeteries, to replace them with a larger, grosser firmer size, we preserve our delicate nose and refined breed our strong genotype and head on to smoothly, swiftly move a foot after the other and cross the Rubicon between the years into the next one with the steady confident gait of a dignified mature respectable, responsible person of honour.

Two major humanitarian evils have been voiced in the previous year: the modern slavery and torture or the technical term – the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. We haven’t yet gotten rid of the cancer of slavery in the modern era. It seems to me that it has become more sophisticated the subjection and dependence have been etched deeper into the texture of humanity. The technologies offer no security at all: on the contrary, the ubiquity of the Internet serves at maintaining an abnormal condition and perpetuating a malignous state of affairs, at perpetrating heinous attacks. Technologies are not under control, they have outpaced the proprietor, owner’s control and the dog eats dog rule is the new survival law, a neonatural selection – the beaten one carries the safe one. A BBC correspondent was forecasting a driving the gerontocracy out of the internet with their classical wit and knowledge acquisition so as to have a digital natives priority and supremacy. How about equity and fundamental democratic principle of the majority rule and minority rights! I was scandalized, not to mention that himself the conceiver of the genial idea is far from being young!!! Nobody should be barred access to the common pool of free Internet resources, the deprivation of access should be harshly punished as this namely is a giddy malicious form of criminal behavior and modern slavery. The monopoly of access to information, communication technologies is reducing impairing fair chances to development; let the BBC reporter interview his own senses how would he feel!

The resounding declarations admitting the presence of torture practice into, even if the prison for the capital criminal detainees did not prompt some cardinal measures of eradication, expurgation of the negative phenomenon from our modern society. That 6000 pages report and graphic images screened have become a testimony-confession, having as a chain reaction others admitting of indulging into similar sins. Thus we had a legitimization of the evil, a manifesto for others to follow, to ape and an encouragement to apply cruel behavior and botched procedures in other circumstances towards other people, very often less perverse or even innocent ones. The making public of the phenomenon has not effected like an anesthetic a pain-reliever for torture wounds but has risen the pain threshold: now we suppose the practice has not ceased definitely but it might ache dumber because the subjected ones feel now the limelight projected on the details of the misery. The pain must have become much more acute – against my will – aouch!!!

No hollowing premonitions must prevent us from seeing, hearing what is legally allowed to be so – nor perceiving or reasoning for men and women, rich and poor alike; this should be a steady resolution for the near and long run horizons. The rest is up to each of us. Nobody can forbid us from programming, coding, encoding and encrypting our life a special wish.

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