06 Dec


I put on my yellow battered bowler hat and defreeze… Happily, the lightning hasn’t struck this second time, no earthquake, no hurricane, no apocalypse.   But not overall avoided nevertheless.

The grudge and revancharism have been instilled deeply enough in the texture of my birth-country people. Since the declaration of independence (1991) of the Republic of Moldova from the soviet camp USSR, the profile of the political  forces on the domestic arena haven’t changed much: there is an impressive half of communist or nostalgic after soviet times activists share and the lethargic, nihilist rest. From among the latter atheists emerged first a controversial resistant force that was looking for some ideals to invoke, strong enough to have a cause for differentiation and good reason for resistance, opposition campaign and revendication – the extreme right. The mix was explosive, the internal struggle acute – irreconcilable.  The shift from totalitarism and adjustment to the democratic values was painful with traumatic unpluggings and breakdowns.

The new millennium brought some flexible forces in-between that called themselves the new wave politicians, ex communists by essence, technocrats by name, with misty past, very active, who took the initiative and the lead.  A very successful project indeed this Liberal-Democrat party, a shoot of the extreme right and a w0rm of the legitimate left, that elbowed their way, forced it tooth and nail to arrive, accede to power!  After two mandates of disastrous plundering, looting of all the public, state property, mass privatizations of the entire industry inherited from the soviet regime, leaving a country living in abject poverty, with high unemployment forcing a mass exodus abroad in search of work; the definitely compromised party with a criminal that is in investigation at its head are still in play, gambling and keeping their high stakes, bets on the their group and private  interests at the expense of the survival chances of the country that overall is a failed project, a corpse if the EU did not timely activate the life-supporting apparatus. Manipulative and hard-bitten, the aggressive and abusive manners, the blackmail and intimidation are the strategic tools of the liberal-democrat frankensteins, taken over from the soviet regime elaborately evolved and applied to their mean plebeic goals.

My people is lucky enough to have grown some genuinely new format politicians – an elite of modern European formation diplomats and lawyers, economists and engineers – intelligent, mannered, persistent, consequent, that plead and operate with values which are disarming and let the barbaric tribe hide their fists or use them among themselves. Due to that true elite my country has registered considerable advances in the process of EU integration and modernization of the state, in the engineering of the change.

Another novelty for my patriarchal people is the evolution and maturation of the purely Democratic Party without trickery or deception, they have learned, adapted methods and ways from the strong traditional democratic forces from the world, they have conquered with strong team work, mobilization and cohesion, they came to the fore, went in the field, approached the simple people, took note, so as to meet the overall goals. Their voiced accent is on social problems, less of the ideological futile tit-for-tat, lesser emphasis on geo-political options, and least of all they made use of the dirty quarrel-mongering with the opponents. They asserted their viability, paradoxical enough! the democrats, Democratic Party, has asserted its viability in my country too!!! My admiration to them!

The total surprise of the last Sunday’s ballot was the 20something% gained by the Socialist Party. My country’s socialists are different from the France or Germany ones, those are less ideological-focused and more social issues oriented, while these ones are communist party descendants that have stolen their electorate, demagogical, refractory with explicitly open funding from the East. Lacking a workable functional platform they have themselves been extremely surprised by the results, taken unprepared, immediately after the final results had been announced they fled to Moscow (for further instructions probably). With another almost 18 % taken by the communists we have a close equality with a slight prevalence of the pro-EU forces that would reset up the Alliance for EU to have an operable governance in the meanwhile in these conditions…

I insist I am apolitical, I am not an activist, I am an ordinary citizen that is compelled from time to take attitude, I am pressed by circumstances to voice my informed opinion. Just this.

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