16 Nov


We always need a reality check in order to accept and acknowledge the truth. The absolute truth or relative one – there is a rich array of variations in-between. Some with wide open eyes allege that what lies in front of them is the supreme pure truth, or stick grotesquely the head under a bank of sand to escape, to refuse to admit the allegedly hideous sort of truth that only they are so intelligent and divinely endowed to see. We need a measurement scale, an ultrasensitive instrument, sonar scanner, a universal standard or a third party (not from beyond our galactic system, as the weird group of interstellar fanatics are in a desperate pursuit of), from here, from among us – us! to balance it and determine the accurate amount and value – a mean.

The current G20’s thematic on the agenda is dedicated predominantly to the climate change issues. Predictably enough the clamourous throng of “advocates”, partizanate is there onrush, anticipating with some sensational-scandalous exotic actions, flexing the muscle by defying flash mobs on Bondy Beach, to capture attention and scoop human capital. Predictably enough,  the mighty 20 would discuss, negotiate, sport in theatrically loosening the strings of the purse to bring their contribution, show the world that they do care and shut off the mouth of the ill-wishers. Both camps are armed with heavy arguments: we have recently had volcano eruptions, strong earthquakes (Indonesia 7.3 magnitude), followed by a hurricane alert; we had giant whales washed up the shore, we ourselves have stifled by the dense smog, the respiratory masks are barely of any help. Paradoxically enough, these very arguments, the same packet of disasters are submitted by both camps filed as evidence and proofs to support their own stand. The cause of the climate change, the global warming is MAN-MADE!

The phenomenon has been inadvertently, possibly with ill-intention- deliberately unleashed by human greed, acquisitiveness, and rapaciousness by insane nosiness: we have been engaged in systematically exhausting Mother Nature’s stock, we have peered and robbed, through effraction into the Red Bearden’s secret larder, although had been warned against doing it; we have opened the Pandora’s box with conceit wanting to exploit it as the Aladdin’s Genie’s beaker.

The resources are finite and extinct we have at last realized. The malicious ware we have launched to trick the nature is now outperforming itself, the nanoparticles, the God’s particles have turned into Devil’s ones. The malign tentacles form a deeply embedded tumour, we might still wish to have a dip, a plunge for a basketful of pearls what we get is cancer. And we claim we are cold, we are freezing, we are in want of a blanket to cover ourselves to protect us from our own negligence, a natural hair wig to camouflage our DNA and provenance.

However it was quite revolting and disgusting the whimpering of some two-kopek celebrity that spectacularly synchronized with the latest world events and indulged in giving away, sharing lavish gifts with the homeless and beggars – fur coats!!! The wildlife and animal protection groups must be satisfied they have one more forensic proof in their register to keep it for desert. Killing two rabbits with one stone: addressing the gaping gap of discrepancy between the two: the poor layer and the rich apex by at the same time arousing the animal rights watchdog. The Mount Pavlov from Alaska has become active! the physician Pavlov himself would startle into his coffin at such a luring enormous piece of bard for the eternal subject of his experiment!!!

The solar batteries would make wonders, the wind mills would do for us the job of covering our energy needs within the consequent coordinated joint efforts and framework of stressing the renewable resources at our disposal.

My conviction is that we are worthy of attention, we deserve being listened to but also heard, we can’t readily be disposed of; none of the R&D marvels as scrutinizing, magnifying goggles or ultra sensitive oriculare in the capacity of advocates,  would help us if we deny it and discard THE TRUTH. We must tighten the belt.

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