08 Nov

Although I have strongly promised myself not to involve in politics, forbidden myself even to, I have gradually gotten drawn, caught in, engulfed, and definitely marred. One month left until the finish line of the Parliamentary elections in my country – Moldova; Presidential elections for our neighbor country Romania,  they have rolled for the second round in two weeks’ time; mid-term elections in the USA – a play of muscles in the conditions of a functioning democracy by the governing party and the opposition ones, a necessary exercise as it solicits  for certain concluding reports about the progression of initiated projects; the current state of affairs and impose some constraints, terms and conditions upon the main governing actors so as not to let them relax until the nearest next elections. I could not omit from my attention the utterly controversial, literally bloody one entire year sharp of system change – concluding with presidential elections last week in another neighbor country of ours the Ukraine.

It is beyond any comparison the content of the political agendas:  the USA one where through bulleted points the leading strategies are made clear for everybody: the medicare (Obamacare) reform of the medical system policy; the immigration, the defense controversies; the social welfare, communications security problems – in principle, popular and less so measures to improve the life of the 99% of the general masses against the whims of the top richest from the social pyramid – the almighty 1%.

In my country since 2000 we are still writing essays, competing in artistic ideas and creativity about how we survived in almost a century of socialism order and already for two decades we are arguing about whether to take up the direction of EU integration or orient our trajectory backwards towards entering a resuscitated Independent States Community – a neo-USSR. Obviously these debates should not even exist, as we have already signed the EU Association Agreement, consequently all the joined efforts should be directed towards conforming to requirements that should be met in order to ever become a full rights EU member state. This topic should be beyond any discussion, when it still represents the crown thorny question that divides and creates confrontations, has the opposing camps collide, digressing from the essentials.

This artificially ballooned topic constitutes the staple of an election  ride with three force elements, agents – the European Integration Alliance, now contenders, competitors – they are the current power leaders have already attained the level of dexterity wizards; and some fresh actors joined into the race – certain misty, bleak horses that add to the general circus enacted by the old theatre – the fodder of controversy and conflict but not a path of reform with a clear plan for it. The magical tricks are impressive, electoral promises are luring, the bread as present is sweet, but still we miss not a magician with a fantastic wand, not a gold-fish to fulfil three wishes, but we urgently need, it is a state of emergency – the observance of basic human rights, of fundamental social security measures for the citizens of a XXI century state!!! I mean the illegally enriched elite that ambitions to accede to power, to obtain the favour of the public and electoral vote maybe do not even know are not informed that the half of the population from this country remained at home after the massive exodus abroad of the other half, are living on the survival verge. The minimum wage being established as the equivalent of €89 it actually amounts to €59. Me, a university assistant get less than €50 educating alone my son, a college student with no ways to improve my financial situation, or diversify the sources of my revenue, not out of slothfulness or lack of intellectual capacities, but because of an ingrained resistant matrix and filter, a wall of partisanat, nepotism (cumatrism) = favouritism, social hostility between clans, brands and parties, injustice and unfairness, the missing of the elementary functioning mechanisms of giving way to meritocracy, the stinking morass of the profusely oiled corruption  mill. The common means used as propaganda and publicity are not deeds and draft projects but sarcasm, banter, humiliation and disinformation, deception and compromise, stating things upside-down on the reverse so as to be original. The most stinking ferret, the dinosaurus-contraband champion after having taken by force the power on 7 April 2009 by organizing a coup he became the top privatizeur of state institutions by law: banks, enterprises, the apogee being the airport and Savings Bank; the actual pseudo leader the criminal who must spend hundreds of years behind the bars, is the conceited and arrogant 100% certain of success in acceding to power – I like Filat’s “dignified” silence. That is a one year malicious silence with viral pop-ups into public life events organized by somebody else, or by authorities, sawing discord with sabotage and open attacks organized regularly, after having been dismissed from the position of prime minister for corruption charges, subsequently the criminal filed a plea to Strasbourg ECHR (a “historical” process V.Filat vs Republic of Moldova)   to set a precedent and punish the dwarfs who dared to resist him, and become immune by the Supreme Court’s eventual support decision. However, that was resoundingly, bitterly and promptly, unequivocally been rejected as unfounded. I wonder how the criminal, not oligarch but criminal, still had the guts to enter the campaign and appropriate somebody else’s success use the party as a guarantor and shield for a definitely compromised name as a politician, the peak of impertinence – he has faked all the surveys, has seasoned, has bribed all the opinion leaders so as to lobby for him to arrive to ambition for the position not of a prime minister in case they win a sufficient margin to allow them play the card they want in post-election negotiations but of president!!! Unheard of! Thus, the smuggler arm in arm with his courtizane re-enters cockishly the fall ball hall, and these very hellish characters are still going to air the weather for the RM and be the eyesore in the nearest quinquennial. Through the weakness of the electorate and disfunctionality of Law that is sluggish letting him play his game and re-buy his immunity by illegally reacceding to power, when the Legal mechanisms that would give course to  charges and criminal investigation are blocked also by him. We the myth loving nation are sighing for myths of the sort of illiterate shepherd enriched through crime who crosses the world in private jets in collection of funds missions, aping the American democracy, rejuvenated and jaunty with an ex prostitute at hand, his ex-wife discarded exiled somewhere with kids and all – the apocalypse pair of fitting gloves – food for the neo-gothic fairy-tales hungry.


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