04 Oct

Paradoxical events have shuttered the previous several weeks.  The prolonged Hong Kong insurgency by the avant-gardists of the society who are urging for several political reforms of administration and more democratic freedoms for the people. The paradox consists namely in the fact that those people are strong enough, they do have their umbrella to cover them not only against the mustard and tear gases eventually applied, sprayed by the authorities’ forces against them there in the revolutionary square; according to experts they are well-off, their incomes being among the toppest of the list, ranging  between $5000-$10000 of revenues per month! Wow! this is a university professor’s revenues for 5-10 academic years taken together, here in my prodigy country, in the heart of Europe, devastated, scorched by criminality at the top levels and corruption: we get here less than $100 per month a salary, highly educated with rigid filters applied to during the recruitment process, and a tough competition of hyper brains to get the titularity and keep it year after year. These ones are complaining about lack of variety in the political spectrum – the mono-party-system, they are sick and tired of the dogma and lack of imagination that they think restrict and trap their own free development. Much ado about nothing we could say, a storm in a tea cup, guys!

Meanwhile, in the other pole to that hot spot a most urgent ecological disaster has captured the globe’s attention. We all have been stunned by that enormous herd of walruses, distressed agonizing, some impressive satellite images of those screaming for help spots. Even to an ignorant, a profane it would become clear and evident that the icicle of the planet is dripping, the vital Arctic ice sheath is melting, reducing to water, what those silent harrowing mammals are also expressing. They are on the verge of dying. So is humanity, if that iced mass floods the land in the form of an apocalyptic deluge.

We are compelled to take measures from the individual level to the level of industry, me, personally was amused by the synchronized to these events maybe, or an arbitrary coincidence: the supermarket chain that decided to ban the only-use plastic bags from commerce. A trifle, but it counts, we do care, they say!

Thus, I definitely would be negligent if I remained silent about all these events. I am not contemptuous or daring in the sense of Doras cartoonist bravity, defiance, “catch me now, look at me!” but I do have dignity, my Mr Prime Minister, when I assert that my salary is disastrously low, for a highly educated individual, that forces me to live on the edge of existence and decency, however I do not deserve the authorities’ contempt. This vicious poverty trap is imposed upon us, is forced on us to humiliate and keep the intellectuals ashamed, humble and submissive. There is a cohort of fraudulently enriched top pseudo or grey business,  the majority of whom irrespective of their general knowledge and professionalism are procuring themselves warm places in the administration, or even threading their way into even the Parliament, these are the ones who are paying for the tune according to which the weak, obedient resigned or coward press are dancing. This political elite are responsible, they are guilty!!! We have entered the electoral campaign, how can we confide in those people that want to rule the country and take decisions for us, when on the top of the list of a party of technocrats is still the rebuted, dismissed for criminal schemes and corruption individual, he has just lost his mandate and he drove again into the campaign to obtain through manipulation of the poor, disinformed people a fresh mandate, to gain the much coveted immunity to continue heroically the robbery of banks and embezzlement of astronomic sums of money from the public funds and of the investment money, the dole that we have already started to receive from the European Union. No WAY! I want the criminal behind the bars, I want him imprisoned together with his newly emerged on the arena offspring, a suckling prodigy who at 26 has by miracle been declared millionaire in American dollars. This is the younger generation of the Gaddafi de Moldova, the cast away waste “chief” of a respectable, by the way party; the disciple that has just been baptized with a huge crime to be promoted further into decent circles of business and probably for the next elections to be thrust into the politics. I think this low, declassed robber should be discarded from inside the party, by the members of it. Only recently a former member of the party, an expert in economy, he has been excluded from it by the Gaddafi, has revealed a criminal scheme through which Filat has stolen enormous sums of money. While the accuser has produced evidence, proving documents, the criminal was sneering, jeering, grinning and denying, and avoiding answer, wriggling, absconding, casting blame on others, charging everybody but him.  Even if I had delegates with whom I strongly sympathize and support on the list of that party I would not give my vote for the scourge of Moldova that is number one on the list of that party! Let them first spurge the filth and go clean to elections.

The modern era, the post millennium one is an infamous epoch in the history of my country, the epoch of hyenas that have depossessed the state from its property, have stolen everything, leaving the masses without work and means, forcing a mass exodus into Europe for economic reasons. By now all those who have emigrated have settled, lead a decent secure life abroad, they return to their homes in the deserted, aged miserable villages, only for some weeks during summer holidays. I would have liked them not to flee so swiftly, to stay, remain and fight here for a decent living, invest their money here in their countryside, be strong, be a decisive force, stand for their fundamental human rights in a pseudo democratic country.

Ironically indeed we are here trapped, herded in a declared democratic country and enjoying this transparent plastic umbrella but living a bellow any imaginable standards life stripped of human dignity.

Teen Vogue's 12th Annual Young Hollywood Issue Launch Party - Arrivals FEC5964D371B5A09DB1D5266F7DEC Walrus, Odobenus rosmarus, resting on pack ice during spring breakup, Chuckchi Sea, off the National Petroleum Reserves, Alaska

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