21 Sep

In the spirit of ancient Roman traditions – a mix of mystery and trivial routine, according to folk mythology, the months in addition to their agreed-upon, established conventional names, were given more down-to-earth, more familiar  appellations like flowerer, cherriser, garner, inspired from the seasonal, farming processes, customs, rituals, festivals. Although, currently we are having a high time of the harvesting period, the heyday of thorough collection and careful storageing, warehousing of the annual crop, with everybody toiling in the sweat of the brow, from the dew of the dawn till the dark of the dusk, there still are in the beehive the bumblebees hes and shes that are buzzing about and honeymooning. Obviously, those are not the blueblood selected, elected aristocrats crowned by peoples and blessed by God with deep aristocratic, noble glittering origins. Those are the grassroot pests that are parasiting and sucking, ingesting the fructose and nectar, perceiving the rapturous mellifluous tune of a turning point, sensing the incense, sniffing a blurred but still opportunity for them, to the detriment of the swarming proletarian hive.

I have caught a bead of rain in my bosom, covered my soul’s eye with a dancing in a spiral rusty leave, prematurely broken away from the twig; have inhaled, took in a full chest, a plentiful lungs  of clean fresh air and bit a morsel of an eco clean apple. Luckily the work, my hard, everyday, persistent work cannot be contaminated, it is entirely mine.

I called it “honey moon” because of the weddings season, the best month of the year here in my country, after temperating the heat of the summer and the St Marry’s fast, a month of prohibition for the good Orthodox Christians, September is the perfect time for such events. My own one was back in ’96 also marked on the 7th. Every weekend there is an affluence of a cloudlike procession of brides’ veils and white gowns interwoven with ceremonial, jet-black  “ido” tuxedos, a tidal wave of exquisite flower compositions, church bells, car honks, heavy sumptuous ear-rings, open decoltės but not by chance the omitted necklace… on a beautiful renowned local journalist!

I salute the prevalence of the good sense and sound reasoning by the Scottish people at the suffrage on 18th, with all due respects to their ethnical identity feelings, nevertheless they gave the fair answer not the one fed by historic grudge and revenge but the one of educated citizens of a integer State, that have been united during more than 300 years, through the most intense events and complex progress. Why would we care, the rest of us? We should, because the secessionist disturbances have caused much havoc and turmoil everywhere lately, look the Kurds there, the Catalonia province ETA, the Irish IRA, the East Ukraine separatists, the ISIL – all these festering proliferating movements give birth to monstrous clones, or more exactly degenerative tumors. We congratulate ourselves too with the landslide decision: Long Live the Queen! and PM to see to the prosperity and peace of all the Kingdom’s subjects. A victory of the global community too, of which we are all members.

In the context of my country’s (Republic of Moldova) late November parliamentary elections the battles are becoming fiercer between the political agents: parties, independent candidates and their rivaling campaigners and supporters. The Red which is green, Riding Hood, not a cute little girl but a badly compromised Robin Hood – the perestroika contrabandist and privatization mafiot, has started a global ride. He undertook a race to hunt the good will more exactly to beg funds for the election campaign that he categorically doesn’t want to quit, despite the daily revelations and documented accusations by experts about grandiose schemes of embezzlement and theft from banking institutions where he thrust his dirty hand.  To qualify his pursuits as good will hunting would be totally misleading, incorrect, as he has no moral right to appear anywhere and represent, negotiate, ask for support for the European Project for his country or money for his individual interests to counteract opponents and abscond justice!!! Not to mention that he goes there and meets American Statesmen discussing the regional problems of Ukraine and his country, pledging for support for these two countries and money for the European integration route, he being forced to resign for reasons of corruption one year ago and  his Deputy Member of Parliament mandate being annulled!!! Besides, he is a dangerous individual as the money he could obtain he could employ to organize a plot, a riot, a coup d’etat (as he is infamous of having exploded one previously) in case he would not be satisfied by the results of the people’s choice on the polling day, as he used to brag not long ago when he met his Georgian friend ex-president Saakashvili and another Ukrainian opposition leader Klichko on the occasion of 2013 Euromaidan.

Me personally, I think this hyena should proceed on a global groom’s ride already to find somewhere a paradise shelter for himself and the plundered money from our country and honeymoon there stealthily, as the juridical processes are filed on him numberless and he is not short of comparing in front of the justice. Let the handsome and talented Leo de Caprio be the UNO Peace Ambassador and raise his voice against plague and pestilence, a noble mission of a greatest actor, the “gambit” of the modernity!

Sincerely, and by conviction!

little-red-riding-hood-cartoon-girl-carrying-bas-13720635 amandahood



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