14 Aug

If for already twenty centuries someone had to have guts to commit a crime in the most recent times it takes a couple of clicks deeper into the Internet nebula. Moreover it is universally acceptable and ubiquitous since an earliest than ever possible age. We are living and witnessing a true banalization of evil.
The worst news of all is that due to the free access to powerful technological means, cyber crime in the nomenclaturic definition being applied to intellectual property rights, financial frauds becomes irrelevant, because all other categories of crimes against persons or property are cyber assisted and tech supported. Moreover this revolutionary advancement works suicidarily, self-denyingly, the advantages are prevailed by some crept drawbacks, security is handicapped, we are self-sabotaging, hackers are being more agile than creators, more destructive and deadlier than ever. And also namely they are screaming, yelling their eyes out, claiming for more transparence, openness sticking the flag treacherously, cynically: “Truth cannot be censored”. Why breaking codes, phreaking, hacking becomes so trivial an activity while the Law Department allege that investigation and successful resolution of cyber crime is so difficult, very often impossible!
I still have instilled the resounding case of the French Société Générale from 2006 with a historically huge loss infringed through dizzing machinations and sophisticated maneuvers, of highly skilled white collars. It was decided that was an internal crime, they returned the guilty verdict to a single agent made responsible Jérôme Kerviel, although there was an entire pyramid, hierarchy, technologically superendowed, involved, aware, tacitly complicit in that risky game. The juridical decision was obviously also a fraud, biased and unfair, in addition it let the world see the gaping abyss of the out of any control monstrous master. The Technology Gyn escaped not from Aladyn’s lamp but from the Internet.
The viral software labs are prospering and being encouraged, supported from the highest level, the intelligence agencies are interested in the elaboration of “necessary” hacking programs, viruses that are tested and applied against simple citizens and hostile adversaries alike. Recently Ed Snowden whistled to the large public about the malicious program in dotage that could be sent from the USA for example to a random computer bot across the ocean in China, say, and be triggered from there to perform its viral secret mission. No one was surprised by this tech invention, someone even jumped, digressed, derailed pointing to the communist times Cold War when the spying and intelligence weapons were not less elaborated and less perfydic. Very few ones objected to that sort of denouncing the wikileaks phenomenon by the sharks: the infamously, unethically hacking journalist or the red-hat intelligence agent converted into an unscrupulous black-hatter.
Another yet, paradox here is that again from Fareed Zakaria’s “GPS” author programme a high guest asserted that what else the high tech can be used for is to watch live even one’s grandmother ‘s back yard. Deceptively, though that such advanced and expensive gadgets, powerful weapons are routinely used for all types of trivialities. The “Stay your ground rule!”, helas does not apply to the virtual world, why wouldn’t he/one pay a real visit to a dear person rather than teleportate himself like a wormy brat.
… Besides there is another side effect along with falling into the trap of temptation: the addiction associated with Internet gaming, the growing dangerous dependence on the virtual world.


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