12 Aug


Why was the recent advent of the hybrid womanoid, the black-beard transgender androgen who won the Eurovision European Song Contest, arise so much discontent, aversion, repulsion, controversial polemics worldwide!!! How about Ukrainian Verka Serdiuchka’s enormous womanish, hallucinogen  buffers that have erotically yo-yoed on the same contest’s scene several years ago; she caused an uproar, all males’ abundant salivation and unfettered the sick imagination  up to rave – s/he had been highly appreciated – the third place, reconfirming and consolidating  the precedent of their famous Ruslana’s Wild Dances. Now we are having a logical evolution, this phenomenon is liked, it is in high demand, it’s morally acceptable, this exotic, perverse, vicious euphoric art prevailed over genuine talent, creativity and originality this time again, helas!!! The former Verka Serdiuchika was fully packed with feather cushions inside his erogenous zones in point; the latter 2013 Verka-Serduchika-II all-in-one, is a hybrid zombie the result of dozens of thousands of € invested into “miraculous” hormones and steroids; years of witchery maceration conversion and esthetic surgeries. The result is monstrously infamous, till the next year’s May edition s/he is the enthroned king pop star!!!!

Back to the past interviews about the TROUBLES the WWII postbellic forced famine – starvation and second wave of deportations of the disobedient locals,  resistant to the Soviet liberatory forces who were executing the orders of  taking away, scooping the scarce, scrimpy crop from barns, or wherever else the poor peasants could have hidden, all the cattle and fowls from pens; leaving families without means of survival, pestilent with the black plague working out hand-in-hand. The neo-fascist moles were there to help to reveal the concealed stocks from they knew exactly who from the better-off farmers. The neo-fascists moles worked feloniously and treacherously rather than committing treason. They were “in charge” to the death escadron, they were  reducing, condemning to death whole villages not the gun to the temple – they were doing this with servility, with sadistic satisfaction – no justification, no forgiveness! The devilish slaves of death!  Recovering years had been long,  in the socialist colhoz years those fascist moles had been in administrative and decision-making positions giving themselves as the witty think-tanks, and subsequently retired foul reputed veterans. This fascist mole has caught allright the new decentralization and privatization era again thrusting his nose into equivocal or controversial matters. Already less prominent the mole, having had his daughter convicted for economic crime in group together with other magpies with execution, his granddaughter convicted for detaining with her husband a prostitution net given visibility on TV as a result of a anti-human trafficking raid, the old 80 something years stinking Taliban still carries his full of meanings and heavy of significance burdened token – completed with already all modern era evils of his kinship, the TROUBLES token, on honest and fair citizens homes and lives.

After the glorious soviet era imbued with communist propaganda and church oppression, religious belief and rituals being denied, he was the most active patrolling guardian against any religious manifestation on all Christian holidays and folkloric festivals. With the changing times the turncoat shifted once again to being among the avangardists of Religious traditions as promoter and voluntary collector of funds for the construction of a church. He also conceived an overall laudable idea of a village museum a collection of ancient artifacts, archive documents, lists, databases, he almost again force collected all the war medals and orders with accompanying documents from all village war veterans for display in the memory museum. What followed – it’s not difficult to derive he staged a robbery with all the most precious relics being stolen as a result all the honors proofs vanished, and all the evidence of his war crimes. My grandfather’s second degree Red Star very rare and high decoration together with his hand prosthesis have disappeared, dispossessed. All that remained in already a mystified, distorted memory museum were the old pottery and archaic coal irons in a patrimony that is formally annexed to the community dowry strictly kept closed by the patrons of this mystification his daughter criminal. It is similar to the absurd taking for decades anticonception free pills so as to finally drain thousands on fertilizing procedures. Glory to the zombie moles now and all the tinpots collected out there also to them as laurels for a century of inglorious productive activity!

WE are going to use, the lavender anti-moth simigel to that true, undistorted history that WE all know, keep in memory, we are going to apply the guillotine law to imposturism and opportunism;  what is shame and opprobrium cannot be disguised, stolen, dissimulated. Everyone has and will get what deserves. WE cannot starve or die of a filthy, injected lab created new deadly virus. The olddog tricks are cheap in a powerful information technologies era. 

Someone asserted that hackers are the Internet immune system with reference to breaking down security protection so as to steal have access to confidential information?! Let us not cross the red line between free-access, legally permitted and secret, confidential, expensive commercial strategic information that could inflict enormous damages and losses not to say that could cause explosion of pandemics and trigger wars, informational tit-for-tat, not to mention real destructive wars. Let us not glorify and encourage adventurism and jet-black hat cyber criminality.

There is an enormous difference between systematic learning processes with all subjects involved declared, law-abiding citizens that lead to cognition and the hooligan gamster who  tentatively presses the knob to break the code or criminally steals the digital print to hack the disaster.

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