04 Aug

A Russian proverb says that a misfortune casts its shadow forward towards the future, unless one can shield herself by the inner self-acquired conditioned defense mechanisms being launched through a consistently clean conscience and persistently trained dexterity. That wasn’t a big surprise when the rumour ran that Crimea would be transformed into a sort of Las-Vegas; nevertheless  after the world witnessed an impressive muscle contraction of military might and power on the 9th of May current in Sebastopol Bay, by the Russian air military demonstration-parade, we could only infer – that would be a thoroughly controlled shore-paradise. A subtle invitation for rich entrepreneurs to warm up and look for the fortune – invest there, however.  

In the heat of the Cold War II propaganda the western press abounds in sensational news about drone wars, 40 countries are said to possess them both for military purposes and civil use. USA, GB, Israel, more recently Chinese clone drones were mentioned among the avantguardists in the domain, even Georgia was said to have used them, bought from Israel in a post-soviet era modern conflict; except the RF. Do intelligence service agents doze; I believe Russians do possess them even more sophisticated than all the display on the hi-tech market, if we judge by the remarkable “unfortunate” technical on-air splotch on the jet-black tuxedo. A Japanese yakuza full-contact sparring which was virally concordanced with a Chinese ceremony for veterans, clad in uniforms, an entire chest hooked up with merits medals.

In another reality dimension an impostor magpie, a brandy addict hacked the birthday, clenched the fangs to suppress the beastly lionish roar by sneaking dumb and treacherous into limelight to anchor the nose, perch and polish upgraded epaulets.

The disheveled ostrich just returned from the island of Rhode homesick with a  tanned, callous cervix because of extensive exposure to the sun, walky-talky in the ear is thrusting his head in the murky bog of the local redskin marianas’ hexagon trench – the basic aborigines with the inbuilt plate in the lower lip. The full of mysteries history left behind sniffing a misty obscure future, paused a moment for respiro and nervously swiped fidgeted through the browser both for inspiration and life coordinates.

The heavy burden of the stealthy glance of a reverenced monk is suggesting that only a tawny leather handmade bag with a crafty  inlaid edge ornaments similar to the elaborate decorations of roofs executed in the ancient gothic times  of the national style would be a solution.

He knows it allright which one is the escape goat and which one is the boulevard prostitute to whom the local dirty contrabandist hung a sizable Channel bag over the left shoulder, (big is best for that category of folks). Well, the arrivist  predator contrived his laundromat operation through a draconic incursion into the echelons of power, to wash his money and hands and many naives’ brains, helas! there are less fools, to a lesser degree! There is an enormous difference, brighthead! between money earned through sweat of the brow and money obtained through criminal or immoral means! Let us discriminate and distinguish, keep this in mind, be aware and alert for the sake of the right faith and high morals in place.

Not that I would be incredulous or skeptical about women’s skills and aptitudes, qualification, professionalism and rigour in general, but I am definitely not feminist I would not advocate a forced access of women to power; setting a threshold, a fixed share percentage of women to participate in the political setting would on the contrary mean a reverse discrimination or at least a faulty logic. Let us not encourage the dangerous opportunism and revengism, women are more fragile social beings, softly speaking, more envious of their superiors and inferiors hierarchically, intriguant  and jealous of their mothers and Electras daughters. Let us elect the best, the strongest, the ones that are above the niggling trivial worldly affairs.

Human beings are created by God according to the Holly Scriptures and Holly Fathers after his concept and reflecting his image, BUT we belong to ourselves, every one to thyself, that basic particle is God’s the rest of the matter is all to ourselves, we must nurture with worship  and responsibility so as to conform and fully endorse; nobody has the warrant-procuration to act on our behalf without or against our will and knowledge; no one is entitled to that sort of power of attorney, and no one is exempt of responsibility or free of punishment.

All the same, modern society cannot oppress, suppress, prohibit by law the smile!






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