21 Jul

I am profoundly impressed by some creepy images that emerged from the crash site of the Boeing 777, MH 17 in Ukraine; shocking, and shattering the almost 200 bodies in already a putrefaction condition were being collected and brought to a rural route side so as to take them in refrigerating vans to some deposition centers for subsequent processing filing. All the international media were expressing concerns that the deceased were not receiving the decent treatment that was due to the catastrophe victims. Other perplexities appear, in the cross-arguments about who was guilty or who was to recuperate the debris, the blackboxes, they forgot about the bodies.  How did the tragical death supervene for the unfortunate passengers, so swift and speedy was the falling that they did not burn or decompose from that enormous altitude?  Maybe the plane wasn’t shot, nonetheless, as it would have exploded and broken instantly into tiny ash particles spread on earth. That horrendous flying crematorium brought some hard to imagine circumstances on that desolate field. Certain answers are needed to be given. God preserve us and protect.





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