21 Jul

The Beyonce Knowles phenomenon is the subject of modern studies at a leading US University Victoria, a special course about her motivation, life stimuli, her career advancement, the content of her songs analysis, the unique type of R&B  in her interpretation, the happy choice and materialization in her overall artistic style. A compelling material for psychological scrutiny of a highly successful female singer a most refined and beautiful sample of her race at the apogee of the artistic Parnassus. The genetic dowry is highly advantageous for grandiose achievements – the physical beauty and musical talent, but I am absolutely confident that still it took her efforts, patience and bravado to develop the grain of talent and promote it. I do not refer to discrimination, though, but to normal human and bureaucratic barriers – the tangled and intertwined red tape that could hamper, prevent many from ever fructifying that innate precious endowment into a tremendous commercial success a true to its name Desiny’s favoured Child.

Recently I have come across a 2009 collaboration by Justin Timberlake with Timbaland the “Carry Out” video. An accurate immaculate interpretation by Justin of his own style, very reminiscent of his other common clip with Madonna “4 Minutes” since 2007. I like his R&B + rap fusion variant, his precise dancing moves execution and his voice is penetrating from the even background wave, I like his tightly fitting outfit, his not being constrained in any way by the wedding ring on the right hand annular and his obvious immunity to the mass of strippers who were picking the cherry (cheating the rivals, jumping in the competition, signaling to other primates their choice and marking territory) and at the end had to digest the rest of the cake in terms of consolation. What other internauts also remarked was the huge discrepancy in the number of “like”s cumulated by Timbaland on his site for the song, in contrast with a much less number registered by Timberlake. It is simply interesting, not a case of reverse discrimination, because rap is a black style since its origins and significance. So that in the clip we have a perfect representative of style interpreter in the person of Timbaland, where even the name is a conventional contrivance, the habitual heavy chains hanging on the chest, the leather jacket, the low-buttocks jeans, the cap plus surrounded by the luring, dancing, half-naked girls everything in the street.

A classical representative plus recency of his successful emergence on the scene versus an updated, refined version of the style representative, improperly refined however a successful popularizer of that style among the non-black masses and bringing it to recognition as having artistic value and relevance more than just an identification and resistence means.

Conquering the hearts of the masses worldwide but also acquiring recognition among artistic circles and High Juries is not a trifle and not a matter of a lucky interplay of circumstances. It is a powerful mechanism, machine that is flawlessly functioning.

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