19 Jul


My current status is “on holiday”.  My FB wall is still packed with plenty of good stuff I am subscribed to; people I follow are active they publish, they comment, analyze, express anger, disapproval, moque post content, eventually love poems, summertime photos. We can support or refrain from “liking”; the “dislike” button hasn’t yet been validated – it isn’t socially necessary, acceptable: people who dislike could simply ignore that and remain polite socialites. The status of connectivity is “on” with the ones that count. A valuable friendship though is priceless, it cannot be evaluated in wavelength speed and Gb volume one pays for, steals, or embezzles breach of trust, or rides piggybacking. Writing is not a source of revenue for these, a lot of wonderful people, really talented; nor a therapeutical technique for coping with loss, or stress, depression, injustice, disillusion, and even more than a leisure pleasure in my precious bag! Why? Because of the dedication and commitment to it, a raised level of responsibility and certainly pride, it’s an enhanced sensitivity to reactions, critics; a sort of complicity with the ones that would  access, and mostly concern for what gets conveyed. It could subsequently take a form of raising awareness, but it is less of a campaigner’s stand,  mainly having to do with own awareness and owning an informed opinion and above all, projecting that as an identity portfolio argument in a highly informed and misinformed, community. 

While euthanasia has been legalized in many parts of the world, the recent rhetorical question that flickered in the media, about the worthiness of the fact that a WWII times veteran who spent in a vegetative state, a coma for the last 69 years and recently regained consciousness – was not baffling nor controversial, neither from the moral aspect nor from the religious perspective. That freezing on the verge was a matter of formal status change. A great surprise old man! Not a rejoicing, hilarious one for the descendents if he had any.

As for the revolutionizing birth control solutions, that is where instead science should focus on. Continuity, perpetration of successful genetic code, grooming and multiplying the prolongation of fertility potential is not a sin! IVF and an artificial womb is more ethically clean than surrogatery, namely this should capture attention and concentrate the public polemics on. I am not a dreamer, and this is not a flight of imagination what I call evolutionary tangible, achievable.

It is hard to evaluate the amplitude of human loss in the recent crash of the Boeing 17 Malaysian Airlines, again! plane on the Ukrainian territory. I would not cynically assert that the Dutch vacationers onboard towards exotic destinations of Oceania, Indonesia, Taiwan count less, in contrast with the third of the passengers that were researchers and were heading towards an International Scientific research conference on the AIDS problem.  But everyone admitted namely this – they expressed regret at the irrecoverable failing to capitalize their expertise and knowledge for the humanity’s sake.  Who is to blame dilemma for the terror act whether the pro-Russian separatists or Ukrainian one, fades in comparison with the scientific community setback, blackout that it received.   Not to forget that it inevitably draws international anger and condemnation. Maybe punishment, retribution if they would find a culprit.

The response to the increasingly stringent demographic problems that some extreme views sociologists hold, deviating from sane reason such as organizing mass destruction phenomena such as wars, ethnic cleansing stances so as to quantitatively solve the problem of overpopulation or extinction of competitors was successfully presented with a viable, plausible alternative. The solution would be the genetic engineering, with all the despise and opposition from the anti-GMO campaigners. Let them grow GM gleans of wheat in African desert, and rice resistant to adversities everywhere on the yellow part of the world, so as to produce enough to feed the starving, so as not to witness the humiliating adoption of laws to restrict natality.

The new wave mercenaries  invest in growth stimulated by scientific progress but do not bet on downing, blackening, ruining, eroding, exploding the bridging infrastructure for becoming.




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