10 Jul

1:7! A devastating score for the host team, a historic one for the Germans. Dog-days for the soccer fans, the stakes are high: the betting mania is scooping the harvest; the soccer-addicted are immortalized in a gaping prostration; yeah, a shameful defeat for the Brazilians, we must admit.  The deep silent wave of the event reached the European continent only by the dawn of the next day, we the non-fans watched nonchalantly with detachment those popping up, gone viral images of some excruciating women from the galleries and with condescendence the bashed looser-players. Well, where’s the surprise or tragedy, the Germans have always been stronger in football.

It’s interesting to observe the implications of the Football World Championship for the commoners. Football is applied to every aspect, by any representative of the vulgus who would want to jump in and act his or her part in conformity with their basic feature or function or impregnated stigma. Take for instance last week’s episode. It was at the bus station. Three young women approached the bus, a stout blonde keeping the mobile all the time to her ear; a fat  brunette having two little blonde girls, and the freckled with a little baby in her arms. Certainly not miserable, vagabond but of low socio-economic status (SES), the bunch formed a circle and the freckled casually dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, lifted the upper body apparel, opened her breast to milk the baby. I felt first the silence of the stupor, even the transport jerking has stopped, some roughard drivers, interrupted their loud, lewd jokes and laughter, kept an uncomfortable pause. Two young girls, urban networks angel-stars, fidgeting with smartphones, in elevated spirits, returning from some journey, vacation with much luggage, handbags and suitcases, became more agitated, were complacently hydratating themselves intensely, rhythmically continuously drinking from their bottles, consuming some snacks and jiggling. Some other adolescent also waiting for his bus to depart had consistently fed himself in the meanwhile, not paying the least attention to anything that was happening around,  had an ice-cream, some pies, a big bottle of fizzy orangeade.

The breast-feeding in public polemics frequently arises in the modern hi-tech society. The compelling common act of  military young mothers breast-feeding their young in uniforms was genuinely focusing on the problem; the scandalous Time magazine cover from 2012 of the mother breast-feeding her rather mature for such kind of nutrition kid definitely captured the attention arising repulsion, anger, condemnation from the public. But it did gain the spotlight. An ethnologue would speak about basic instincts and needs, the satisfaction of those primary needs of the young would justify the sort of stripping in public act. A psychologist also took the side of the feeding mom, the priority having the crying cub and his satiation and comfort at the expense of the grudge of the environment who would dislike to witness, be subjected to such an erotic scene of a half undressed woman.

In the past times aristocrats had milking nurses who were feeding the newly-born children. Even the nannies had a secret opening in the bodice of the dress, a hidden fold provided for namely this purpose.

No one is arguing against maternity in general, the full of aversion public is objecting to this sort of negligence, they are abusing the others with the exposed to general view breast. The campaigners would encourage breast-feeding irrespective of the circumstances, invoking the mother and child’s needs and health. The gypsies are said to breast-feed their children up to 6 years out of reasons of economy, and comfort but also as a protection step so as to avoid gestation and becoming pregnant immediately after giving birth to the first kid.

Categorically it is not the case to moralize or criticize, instigate to despise, contempt, to resort to extreme measures as flash mobs to raise the problem. There are purposefully reserved places at bus stations, women should think about the potential discomfort and even danger they are exposing their young to, by indulging in this procedure in the public transport. They should stay more at home in that responsible period, or in the critical case have a comfortable blouse, and a shit to cover the young while milking. This is such a tiny thing to think about confronted with the rigid dressing and behavior rules that the Muslim world women are keeping with piety and rigour.

Enjoying fully the maternity would not conflict with being more concerned about the impact of their private acts and nurture needs upon the environment. Not a trifle matter and not sports!

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