05 Jul


Stormy times have followed the first turning point after the adoption of the EU Association Agreement by the local Legislative body. A scarce proportion of fifty and a little (59%) MPs have voted for the new Order and Course; the nostalgic communists had other better plans in view and withdrew from the plenum. They are still balancing between the glorious revolutionary and socialism building past and between an uncertainty, who would contribute more to their party prosperity and propagation at the expense of the others’ crumbling and vanishing into inexistence. Some quarrel-monger young and impassioned socialists sought motives to attack, to oppose, to find fault, to kindle dissent. Decidedly, through this they are desperately seeking attention, prominence, for this autumn presidential elections; the handful of daredevils might not get the votes and be reelected at all, that’s why they have been noticed in committing regretful actions, and seen in Moscow’s antechambers pledging and betting for the greats’ support.  Their deceitful search of an imaginary, impossible channel, the membership of a non-functional Customs Union among Eastern ex-USSR states, a retro-tunnel towards the past nets was ridiculed in the top forum. Not only the Ukraine, with whom Moldova has common frontier, have updated their plans to the previously established project of acceding EU – they have signed the Agreement. So that now we have a common border with a divided and torn apart country by civil unrest, by real internal fights, being the focus of attention from the international community and collective security alliances. Russia is furious about all the latest developments from the disobedient former vassals, being also subjected to pressure from the hegemon – USA, and explicitly being constrained, pushed into isolation by the G8.

The stakes are high, here. There is the well shaped golden minority the Russian speaking representatives of the former communist elites that were active in all the echelons of power, in all the domains. They have preserved their dignified attitude and haughtiness, condescendence and open hostility towards the latest events and new actors.  There is at the opposite extreme the basic rural population that is mainly formed by impoverished agricultural workers, an aging population, as the majority of the active, healthy and young have forsaken the country, migrated for work; the majority have established since long ago and, it seems forever in the European countries. The inlanders are the deeply impregnated with dogmas and prejudices, stereotypes and stigmas, uneducated people that do not change opinions, judgments, that do not evolve in their thinking about the changing circumstances. They label everything that is new as evil. They fetishize their past, they keep with devotion their pet suffering and ailments and misfortunes. They are faithful to their past selves not being able to progress, to improve, to share and fit into the waves of penetrating civilization. The middle class, by which I mean an educated class with middle income, are pending in their choices and support in pace with the changing conjuncture. The circumstances are changing not depending on whom from the political spectrum would be more loyal and efficient, more intelligent and striving, but how the occilograph of the political class would fluctuate spotting out a culprit, who would be charged, who would be found guilty of commonly committed illegalities, who would be thrown off board, who would be denied access.   

A new elite is shaping, taking form, that’s why a prompt mechanism is wanted to be applied, the immunity of the People’s elected ones retained for life. With less than 5 months before the General elections these moves seem suspicious. The Delegates have been endowed with trust and power, have they abused of this credit? Are they afraid of some crimes being revealed, do they fear responsibility? It’s true that some of the chosen ones were arbitrary, chance elements or of the Fortune; some have intentionally sought or even acquired, bought the privilege of acceding to power, to the upper decision making organ of the state to pursue their mean, subsequently openly illegal private interests. The Central Memory would keep all the input, it cannot be altered, virused, wiped with a sponge; the filter by the time and history would separate and purge the accidental elements.

The past is the present’s immunity! We do have a strong reasoning and discriminating capacity. We want the memory untouched unaltered, undistorted. The past is the building block of our matrix; education is and should be the engine and catalyst of progress, the moral being the litmus of modus operandi. With a good dose of optimism.


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