27 Jun

I would not commit apostasy  by changing my social networks status from “A-POLITICAL” into someone who is aware and does care about it, although I would not dedicate my private endeavours entirely to this complicated and controversial domain; I simply reject the A and reserve for myself the inalienable right to professing an informed opinion of an educated citizen and private person. Not in the least do I have any intention of joining any political movement or party, but I am a big fan of the restoration, rehabilitation, modernization process that we, my people have engaged in, so much so that I cannot help acknowledging: yes, I do!

Today is a special day, not related to the Football World Cup, but still a clumsy association would be appropriate here, so as to make more sense for the football fans. My country has achieved the pre-candidature status in the European Union community of member-states – the next but top league. Moldova, Georgia, and Ukraine the Eastern lot, ex-USSR republics, have signed today the EU Association Agreement. We witnessed live with real, huge emotions and gratitude the ceremony and process of signing, a sort of trust credit that all the full-rights long-time members and the top tank-thinkers and administrators of the Union were granting to us. There are several steps to undertake and stages to pass through and as the Ukrainian leader mentioned “We made it!” up to here. We did not arrive at the finish line, however, we only just aligned at the start to engage in the toughest competition aside the club of the richest and strongest countries from our part of the world.

The discourses that resounded from Bruxelles EU headquarters by the three signatories on behalf of their people were thrilling.  Petro Poroschenco, the President of Ukraine reminded about the 29 November 2013 Vilnus summit, missed occasion by their people to keep a promise, since then their country has literally been divided into hotbeds of dissent. The country is separated into supporters and opponents of the EU integration process, as a consequence of it they have gone through tough times and bloody fights. Their today’s presence at the EU Assembly is a sort of miracle or a proof of loyalty to the master project. This signature is also an engagement to implement some drastic, strictly necessary reforms so as to prepare the people and country’s economy for accessing the club. This is equally valid for Georgian and Moldovan peoples too.  Our Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca, is a professional career diplomat, and knowing well, that he fluently speaks seven languages, having already delivered a discourse at the UNO General Assembly last year in English, all his choices are relevant and make sense in the context of European Union credo of promotion of “Unity in Diversity”: he customized his personalized speech in French and the greeting to the people from the high tribune – into mother tongue – Romanian.  Again, we have also passed through difficult times just like the other two peoples since 1991 crossroads after the dissolution of the USSR and since the countries have become independent and sovereign states. Now, we are not trying to escape the patronizing role and policy of Russian Federation that is a sort of impediment for our further, sustainable development, we are neither asking for a refuge, shelter from the EU, we do not want in a sort of rehab, so that someone would take care of us! We do seek a status of dignity, of collaboration, of openness, visibility, transparence in the implementation of reforms, eradication of corruption, a vice that festers the good functioning of the state; and eradication of poverty, by having access to an open, free, civilized, standardized market of goods and services. We do want to study in Europe, to learn, to travel, to implement a life-long education objective, to become more competitive and have access to the labour market, but it does not mean that we are going to, all of us, leave our country and migrate for economic reasons look for the Eldorado somewhere else. This is to diminish the worries and panic of some leaders of states. Half of our population by the way is already in Europe, our brothers and sisters have flown the Moldovan and EU flags in Italy, the France and Spain Diaspora, here in the capital we have blown the trumpets and the orchestra has intoned the solemn Ode to Joy! They do pay taxes there, they are respecting the host people, obeying the laws and honoring their duties towards their families left back here in the home country.

We share our Prime Minister’s concerns about our future destiny, as this small victory of ours could be jeopardized or even, (God preserve us!) annihilated at this autumn parliamentary elections that could redress the balance into favour of tacit, silent, hands crossed or dip into pockets adversaries, opponents of the EU integration ideal, campaigners for pro-Russian all sorts of customs  unions that are not functional, keeping the country a prisoner of their caprices and conditionings through energetic ultimatums and all sorts of economic embargos.

It seemed to me categorically ironic the assertion in the Russian press about a Russophobia among, as the title sounded, their best intellectuals.  I smiled at this carpe diem “nobody loves us”; their football team only, finished the performance at the FIFA. We, in our country, do have a great percentage of Russian speakers in our country and very often common ancestral roots, we are not denying, nor overlooking or underestimating the relations with Russia, we are envisaging a further COOPERATION, but we’ve made another choice for our further progress. Also, yesterday in the Russian media it was announced about the birthday of their Komunist Party leader Ghenadii Ziuganov, in another context, maybe again in a moquery, another member of the communist party proposed to distribute, sell land and make people land owners. Voila! We have lived up to the day of a reverse collectivization, improprietorship against money of course. No, thanks, our own lands are left desolate, because of lacking husbandry methods, means, equipment and what to dissimulate, because of scarcity of potent, enthusiastic, dedicated agricultural workers and owners that have deserted the countryside.

From another point of view we do not want to reverse the Troubles Siberia Gulag times. In case that was a shrewd hint…

Fragments of woven wool carpets with folkloric ornaments and the Mall flash mob with an orchestra interpreting Ode to Joy.

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