20 Jun

There has always been a mystic fascination with the mystery of death. Awe mixed with a feverish review of one’s own life trail and reflection on one’s own situation on the moment in terms of debit and credit. How ready is one to accept, receive it for himself and his own close ones? In art it comes under a variety of stances, the tragic death of one whose occupation is intertwined with killing and dying, hero-soldiers killed, portrayed as warriors and victors – handsome, young serene bodies; also corpses of toreadors killed on duty; cadavers of sudden violent death that may look  horrendous, because it supervened in improper conditions and by criminal means; and yet the unexpected passing away of a beautiful livid pallor untouched by age or the decay of the illness and suffering, looking like in a moment of suspense, an innocent brief nap from which the dear ones would wait for  an awakening for an entire eternity.

Supported by technology death in modern society gains prominence, has a place among us, it is something present, scrutinized in zoom mode, something almost as trivial as some repetitive habitual performing of basic needs. The media put a premium on news having to do with traffic accidents, crime, overdose; these scandalous aspects of our speedy reality are being given prime time and front page space. These hot, breaking news items become a sensation, smacked commented upon at large and at ease by the public insatiably consuming it, searching for updates and follow up.  The mourning, anguish side of the death is also reconfigured by technology. Is the loss felt otherwise, does modern society suffer less because of a deceased relative?

This is a delicate issue from the domain of psychology, philosophy, the rehabilitation process the duration and severity, profundity of it as experienced by different categories of people trying to cope with the disappearance of relatives in different degrees of dearness. The integration process is inevitable and the sooner the better, life does not allow us time for decrying the fallen brick from our wall. I’ve followed lately the life-stories of the MH 370 air flight kinship stories about active and fully-realized personalities with future plans and dreams. They cannot believe and accept the vacuum left by the literal disappearance of their people, they do not resign, in one of the stories a husband of a business lady gone on a business trip by that flight, was saying that they were hoping the plane had been hijacked so as to have more time and reasons to hope. They have formed their own close-knit group of mourners, following updates, putting pressure upon responsible ones, taking part in press releases about  developments in terms of measures taken by the involved governments, the expansion of the search area and respectively the curtailment, waning of the chances to get something material from that disastruous wreckage.

Another spam story that had circulated the web was about a young girl who lost her father after a failed struggle with an incurable disease. Many unknown facts made me create the unpleasant impression that the girl in way wrought a very perfidious revenge, as her late father had wasted a fortune, very much money, all he had on treatments, even got into debt, so that the weird daughter decided to quit her modeling job from another locality and undertake a tour around all the most outstanding places from different countries with a life-size  figure cut in cardboard of her father. Of course she documented everything faithfully and earnestly with updates on her social networks accounts, her with her cardboard father near Roman Coliseum, near Parisian Arch of Triumph and so on, really joyfully and playfully, giving therefore the impression not of trying so hard to cope with the stress of loss, or bringing a tribute to her dear late father, but revenging on him for the mannequin he was during his life just like in the afterlife that she contrived for him.

Still, anyone would agree that a reorientation of focus, concentration on something useful would bring more gratification and healing of the wound. Nor a justification is needed here why someone was not seen as suffering sufficiently after the loss, that would be another extremal venomous recrimination. We must remember about death but not be overwhelmed by it.

We have enough reasons to be alarmed, cautious in a constructive way, the society is highly dynamic. I do not have any complexes of inferiority, but honestly the fact that we have had so many abductions from the throne in European monarchies in favour of younger descendents, heirs to the throne, to me personally this speaks about not of mere condescendence,or decrease of power and nobility. The neo Queens and Princesses very often are not of Royal blood, but commoners a South African sportswoman, OK, swimming champion; a TV journalism star, very beautiful indeed and refined, knowing her way with capturing the attention of the masses, playing with the camera professionally, OK, say a guru if not in terms of knowledge of the technologies – a premium user of virtual reality and networking. As for Princess of Cambridge, she in my view is outpacing her late mother-in-law in popularity and charm. Highly educated, very tender mother and enchanting woman she has been accepted and integrated into the Royal family texture  like a blessing, bringing a fresh, pure impulse; sincere, elegant and modern she has conquered everybody’s heart. So no condescendence from the part of the Crowned Top, no compromise with the secular well-established traditions they agree to pass on the power during life, while being still in force, not waiting or letting wait for their passing away so as to proceed with the implementation of the inheritance protocol. But not only this, they deserve respect for the fact that are not afraid to diminish the value and significance of the Symbolic power of Royal descent by mingling with  laymen they reconsider their views as humans, because their children fall truly in love with ordinary people from an OPEN and FREE society; this is their price and credit to IT.

My country is in the in a progress process of acceding to become a member of the European Union. Geographically we are  here we belong to it, since  more than a decade, a half of our law-abiding educated citizens have travelled and migrated for work, eventually immigrating forever in the majority of European countries both illegally, finding some sort of legalization on the way, or finding first a compromise short-term solution here in order to depart. Nothing can stop a pauperized desperate population to stay within the ex-USSR camp of socialist countries isolated and deprived of any possibility to progress and prosper. This is a fundamental human right, the right to decent and dignified level of life! The engine-locomotive has already set out, helas! some residue forces of the totalitarian epoch coupled with all types of anarchists and criminal underworld have awaken and risen, invoking different, variegated reasons for the “wrong” decision that we have taken for our future development prospect; no viable alternatives are being offered, a bunch of myths being spread so as to disseminate confusion and dissent, to divide the society and diminish our chances to succeed. One of them, an idiotic one, is that EU more generally globalization, promotes the equality of chances which in their interpretation means a support of all types of ominous minorities that would fester our society and morality and contaminate our blood and oppose to the principles of a true Orthodox Christian. The ultimate argument is that on the day set to sign a very important document in the integration process the 27th of June current, a gay parade is going to compete for our attention and of course to the majority’s outrage.

As we are in the fever of sporting events – the Football Championship, why wouldn’t some folks go and join the mass of fans watch a couple of matches to vent the energy, eventually charge themselves with so much enthusiasm as to go and play a friendly match among themselves the likes, instead of stirring the surge; that would be a greatest favour for all of us both dead and for the fully alive and aware!



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