05 Jun

I have always expressed my pet wrath into the most elegant manner possible, I dressed my anger into beautifully, perfectly fitting outfit, everything decently set into written words.  Moreover, never deceitful.

There has lately been a cute tendency to assign to every day of the year a significance, or vice-versa to celebrate different worthy causes on  specific dates. Recently it was the Cyclist’s Day, a cycling race was in view for the middle of the month, on the eve of it, two bicycles had been stolen, nicely and elegantly, the footage posted in the local press how the perpetrator was taking the bike by the horns and getting out of the building without haste or hustle; the other bike similarly was taken from the premises of a building, no suspect into  the visor of the police, although clearly discerned on the recording. Never mind, yesterday was Joggers’ Day, let everybody have a slow trot, to mark it, that would help us burn calories, improve the blood circulation and pressure, enlighten our disposition, clear out our thoughts. Today, allegedly, it is Beauty’s Day; the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, we can boost it only through intelligence and genuine talent. I’m not a beauty, nor a beast, I would run for mind clearance a circle and wouldn’t require my employer to pay me for riding a bike to work, in the name of my own health in behalf of the ENVIRONMENT! But for the bad mouthing, venomous tongues, deeply etched prejudices and worse of all, of late, a malign arrogance of dim individuals with very dubious reputation but in the possession of very much dirty moneys.

The culmination of the previous week was an event that shattered the media networks and social life – a gangsterlike robbery from a Metro wholesale commercial center, 47 bullets had been shot from a military gun, the final score was: three gangsters shot, their purposefully acquired Chrysler  burnt, some other criminals escaped with a 8 mln. bounty; from the side of the guardians also a victim and another one in come with reserved prognosis. After the 5th day of investigations nothing is clear, they say everything is classified. This one being a reproduction, a recidivism after a similar episode that took place two years ago. Thus, a certain regularity already, we must expect for an improvement of performance in the nearest future.  The event took place on Friday evening, at 10 o’clock. As a feedback and follow up to the former crime, an impressive traffic accident took place in another crossroads theatre of events, where a Porsche and Range Rover and two other expensive cars collided, ricocheted at another odd 10 o’clock in the evening.

The media speaks about a widening wealth gap in the society, this could be true to say about people who own a business, are creditworthy, who are skilled and sought for, high professionals, talented people, who create, develop, produce, invest, make profits. In my poorest from the ex-USSR lot of 15 republics-sisters, it is mostly all about organized crime, legal crime those who had ascended or captured power and mafia, contrabandists and traffickers. This is not a wealth gap, but morally divided distorted clones – some sort of newly tailored immoral beasts versus paupered and humiliated ordinary lot of 88% of the population that are in the middle of the two parasiting pests. The falanges of this eroding, pestilent pang reach everywhere: the media become mercenary, not commercialized, but hired, purposefully paid to destroy, disrepute, to spin the truth; the sharpshooter’s effect here would be appropriate to assign, as they are paid to be selective and biased, from the mass of events pick not the cherry but rather present the fungus blackberry like the cherry, to distort the objectivity, to convey some viciated by their broken mirror perspective events.

In the education we have the reflection in miniature of the adult gangsters and courtizanes world, they reflect the internet spin and vibe into their not yet able to digest thinking, reasoning and behavior. I was stunned at how serenely and convincingly, perversely a green-eyed eminent was jazzing, I mean speaking, spinning, turning everything inside-out, and upside-down with clear intent stir into my attentive eyes, how she was juggling, cowardly contaminating virtues merits and scandals, viciating everything as a result when speaking about noble sacrifice and philanthropy. Holly cow, how ingrate we can be!!!

In my re-considered opinion Sgt Bow merited all the efforts from his Patriotic President, and the Armed Forces who directed enormous efforts and risks in order for that operation to be SUCCESSFUL. Me, personally believe the modestly emerged American couple also taken hostages by those circumstances, who recently raised the American Flag for attention and asking for help; also merit the consideration and assistance of all people  involved so as to bring them home and more importantly free them from the hostile foes. We are proving our humanity; they – their bestiality!


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