18 May

Contemporaneity is facing a profound crisis. The one of identity and values. The current European Day of Museums is the closest proof at hand. We are celebrating museums, on the 17th May,  an insistent invitation to visit them, even at night which would be unusual, full of mystery, so much so that in the suite of relevant to the event manifestations, epoch costume embodiment, reproduction of battle armoires in use along and about some museums, goes in a same promotion package with hotels super-attractive offers;  some very queer natural science museums even proposed parents to take sleeping sacks and nap a night with their children in a fairy, more recently cartoon serials environment. All efforts really laudable in the context of an Earth population behind an electronic gadget, smacking, skulking, praying some sensational moments from their hideout to catch a juicy opportunity to jump in, virtually of course, without even raising their buttocks from their armchair, and bet their blackball. I’m almost sure that 60% of the well-off population of Europe have never visited a museum, however the same category have regularly, legitimally, expansively laid, rested, displayed on all the most golden beaches of the world.

The initiative is a welcome one, at least to raise awareness about the devastating for the culture phenomenon, the Tweeter gibberish, trash avalanche, the trend followers vs the genuine culture lovers.  Such events by definition should exclude exclusivism and discrimination! And something is missing from the interactive map of the Europewide event: side by side with Louvre, British Museum, the range of medieval, gothic, famous and infamous Drakulian, blue-beard monsters’ castle – meseums  that have hospitably opened their doors  to visitors and aligned in the event; Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery were left out. Hey!!! a very valuable piece of the European cultural patrimony tartan has been ostentatively, deliberately not included!!! We are punishing ourselves in a way, we are suffering a cultural scarcity, hunger: those simpsonish deflecting parents would most probably want to have a sleep themselves in Napoleon Bonaparte’s bed, they are not very advanced there on the subject, also inspired from the mass popular TV picks just like their children – fed from the cartoons channel.

We have not gotten rid of stereotypes and prejudices, stigmatization and definitely haven’t by far eradicated discrimination yet. Not everyone is granted the free access to the common table of negotiations, which is said to be round, to some access is categorically ignored! Why the revolutionary type Marianne of a socialist France should so languishly, languidly discuss a matter of sharp, outcrying urgency of the Nigerian almost 300 abducted girls, still unsolved tragedy!!! They have assembled on 16 May in a summit of African countries stakeholders, pardon, sufferers, victims of the deadliest and most dangerous terrorist group currently, just to acquiesce that it is so and more than this, it is a branch of Al Qhaeda and Islamic Maghreb brotherhood. Just this! Why then, the pinguins are so infuriated on the other hand, at their French minister of Justice’s refusal to intonate the Marseillaise! It certainly becomes a street karaoke entertainment in the context when “Liberte Fraternite Solidarite” motto is just a Napoleon’s era vestige!

Why then be so astonished at some very notorious personalities and Human Rights promoters’ refusal to deliver inauguration motivational speeches in high season of Higher education establishments’ graduation period over the ocean, on the other side of the ocean! This is a normal option in order to focus the attention on that sore problem of others dying to have access to basic education, others being mutilated and killed because of this. I think these types of “atrocities” nevertheless should be priority number one on the agenda of the grim politicians who are invested to represent and act on behalf of the electorate, their people. Even the Malaysian disappeared civil jet has attracted a much more intent attention to that angle of the globe, intersection of Oceans, a region where so many have a vested interest. The French, the British, the Americans have contributed with expertise, know-how, and cutting edge technologies – the submerging drone type. Unfortunately the flight had been engulfed primarily into a black hole of human negligence, inefficiency, bureaucracy before plunging into the unknown oceans depths. There are so many atrocities around the world that happen namely out of negligence, but in this last one example, the terrorist grind has snatched, grabbed and is butchering, slaughtering little girls, some innocent creatures that have become an exchange coin, a piece of the wider  deployed game by creepy inhuman terrorists under the watchful eye of the HUMANITY! Let Mr Hollande and Mr Kerry those martyr girls be a reminder pearl in your curiosity shop of atrocities that have taken place with your acknowledgement and approval because of your turning a blind eye when beseeched, invoked to involve and not having done that timely!


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