09 May

It’s not the language that is short of determiners, synonyms, words with positive connotation epithets, metonymy, synecdoque, metaphors, hyperbola, allegories, personification, we CHOOSE to make use of them or refrain from, I was surprised to reveal for myself a sad truth, some are forbidden to. Exactly, some are prohibited to embellish their language, not allowed access to an ascending scale of emotive language which is a luxury, not to say that sometimes a gradation of characterization and determination is sharply needed. Well, we must exclude the terminological language and the language of the press which are deprived of emotivity – performing the purely technical function of the language. But, it takes humility to construct one’s speech in an obviously plain manner and reduce anger, revolt, pain, despair to simply correct grammatically organized sentences, uttered with a crippled, numb face proper and figuratively.

Not long ago the talk of the internet was about the so-called “stockholm syndrome” that the psychologists used in reference to a hostage victim that has a crash with the abuser and has feelings positive affection in respects to the criminal. That case to which the qualification was applied was very controversial; the alleged victim appeared make-upped, glittering round cheeks and displaying the appetizing roundness in an overall lewd, raw game, retelling about the abuser, with whom she definitely had a consensual, stable long-standing relation. She definitely was gambling pursuing some sort of even if evil but popularity, and certainly was seeking some profits out of all that packed together. I consider that to be the worst case of human degradation. All the analyzing public, both experts and commenting community were unanimously sharing this impression too.

I return to my former case the Pakistani heroine, activist openingly straightforwardly condemning the extremist-terrorist regime whose victim she  had been, and all similar groupings that viciously interpret their holy book the Koran, wreck havoc among the peaceful, simple, striving population that are barely meeting ends and trying to get to light  out of the long centuries of dark secularism and oppression. The amazing child that the situation has forced to become prematurely witty has had such an influence that has risen to be nominated for the Peace Nobel Prize and has been considered as one of the most influential personalities according to some rankings and rating by the Time magazine, is  also the heroine of our times indeed. She spoke with determination and bravery in the name of truth, on behalf of those 300 martyr Nigerian girls that have been taken hostage by the terror group, which is hateful and hostile that wants to force the local population into obedience, subjection and staying ignorant, illiterate; rejecting educational values in general, not particularly those coming from the West. The latter case clearly overshadowed all the recent known tragic incidents by both its extent and dramatism but also by the perspective it reveals upon the living conditions and fundamental human rights that are totally inexistent in those parts of the world, all in the eyes of a mega geared global community that rests inert and indifferent.  The Nigerian case very reminiscent of the famous deformed Scream by Edvard Munch  that is absolutely not heard by the closely situated passers-by that are serenely pursuing their way across that transcending, probably savior, delivering bridge. A screeching, ringing, tolling like a bell silence?

No one is going to reduce Malala any more to the condition of redemption, sacrifice lamb. The global community should take a clear stand and stop the hideous impunity and save those children.

The current 9 May Day in my country is special because of the sharpened division of opinions regarding whether to celebrate the Victory’s Day with the traditional parade, or commemorate the victims of the WWII, all the manifestations for the both options ending with barbecues all on a triumphantly spring weather in an official legitimate day off.  So that the majority are enjoying the latter but find fault and insistently renegade any value of the event. Some take the event as an opportunity to enter a dispute over allegiances, some are pretending to be more conosseur of the true sharp limits of a past tragedy, technical aspect of war frames rather than symbolic. Me, since my childhood have taken part at the parade, matine, and tribute to veterans. I find it normal, even if none of my granddads laid his life in that war, they both took part, one lost a hand (amputated in Armenia), the prosthesis now with all his distinctions and medals are displayed in the village museum. However, they had also passed through the so-called forced “Troubles” the equivalent of the Irish ones. None of the disputing parts would deny, thus, that there was a war! Irrespective of the political bias that influences the categorization of the event people separately celebrate.

Besides these nuances the red day has recently accumulated a new shade. We are also celebrating the Europe Day to which we hope to accede into becoming a member, for which we have already made the first steps and which represents our aspiration as to a chance to modernize the country to free it from the chains of isolation because opposing the ex-socialist regime that is still dragging us behind.

So I could conclude with the symbolism: we are having a mix of military orchestra, fanfare on one side and pop culture vedettes in concerts at dusk; poppies, lilac and lilly-of-the-valley fragrance predominant in a generally booming season and inevitably we are anticipating: smoking a reconciliation pipe at least for tonight’s fireworks.10252046_10152104186013157_6570352021598981802_n

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