27 Apr

It was reasonable enough to watch the canonization ceremony of the two Popes through some highly professional, accredited, sober eye, not of the least importance – well intent devotees, loyal to both objectivity and high spirituality, in whom I trust.  My gratitude to them. That was an event of wide wingspan. 

Royal figures, states officials, pilgrims formed a very emotional and solemn communion, the priesthood of all ranks in an immaculate white and deep black dress ranged around the staged venue of the ceremony.  The symbols of the ritual were in all details present and live: the red roses that were gradually passing into pale-rose, then into pure white in the improvised hands in a prayer gesture on the Square in front of the Vatican heart of the Catholic world, in unison, accordance, matching with the velvet bordeau curtains, in assonance with the chorus and worshipers created a unique harmony. One voice was particularly resounding – divine. Even the silence resounded full of meaning marking, crowning the key moments of the saint communion. The white flowers were predominant, among the attendance as well. It was really touching – so many pilgrims from around the world that have come, and passed a night in the Eve of the event there, stood up in a crowd that sprawled further towards the second bridge. The beads of tears of so many were a proof that the religion is alive, is young, the faith is strong, they have come from a great distance to witness the event of the century, to participate at the mass by Pope Francis and receive his saint  blessing and benediction. The nature itself seemed to participate and contribute to the majestic moments with some pigeons that were flying high, the active movement of the clouds that seemed to be alarmingly warning about a rain, then were swept away by a breeze and by the end of the ceremony, the sky has cleared out, the sprinkle has stopped, so that the white-and- yellow umbrellas of the priests, that went into the crowd to distribute the holy bestowal to devotees – were purely symbolic. Peace.

Readings from the Holy Gospel in relevant for the event languages both alive and in Latin – a dead one, have weaved the texture and fibers of the ceremony, but the culmination of it after the three stages of proof have been produced, was the ultimate instance testimony – the homily by Pope Francis. Everyone had been waiting namely for that moment. The incense on, his discourse was marking. All the formal procedures and demarches having been completed in the established steps, besides the miracles that are proven, a complex itinerary from early childhood till the moment of passing beyond rises, loyalty to the faith, a continuity in the row of devoted disciples and  interpretation of the teaching of the Holy Father and Son and Spiritus Santcus. Fight for the right faith and spreading it, strengthening the influence of Church. The two Popes, John XXIII and Joan Paul II, though different in approach have been worthy of this prompt canonization. If in antic times sacrifice, martyrdom was the top criterion for being beatified and included into the register of saints, now the wounds are scandalous, we do not necessarily need someone to die for his faith in order to be canonized, we neither need another Thomas to stick the finger into the wound in order to believe and make the profanes or enemies believe. Pope Joan Paul II was really courageous and bold, through the times plagues as communism, war, crisis, conflicts that were some paralyzing evils, he formed a familia with the suffering and fought for strengthening the faith. This is a true passion; we do not need a redeemer to shed his blood as a redemption for our sins: we must raise in morality and faith and this is his role that Pope Joan Paul II had achieved. Holiness is not as much a matter of age, term, I totally agree, but rather of merit and sanctity. Another agent in the sanctification process has thus been excluded, the so-called “Devil’s advocate” that had the role to challenge the proofs, and the claims by the Church and communion to rise Him among the Saints where He truly belongs.

The majestic ceremony that consolidates the community of believers and strengthens the faith was in addition run like clockwork, all the procedures and rituals – unforgettable, overwhelming, profoundly affecting for the rest of my life. Two more Saints. Peace be with us!!!

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