06 Apr

Being on life support nowadays is an ordinary thing. Look at the two-meters fly rest its lace, dumbest angelic wings, only in the WiFi zone – their SUN, sticking to it like to her life probe, absorbing the life-mainaining internet like oxygen, counting on her owner to let her perpetuate there, for decades sucking the master’s, eventually this actor might change, condescendence and fitting it like a glove on their long dirty grubbers. That’s the symbol of our new democracy! A two-meters prop for a stage decoration, that has learnt how to blow wind and curse into the social network, how to huddle her herd and stir them into throwing the stone. The contemporary Jeanne D’Arck, we can see her on the barricades as well, with a bunch of ruffards, half of them intoxicated with wine or simply exercising their wild, beasty instincts of the stoneage cave “man”. The head of this herd is a bison the mobile at hand, who wants to oust the system, to annihilate the democratic results and etch himself into the blazon, secure himself a profitable place at the rudder. Sticking his tongue perversely, proper, we do not let you accede, by force we are going to take it.

It’s about the power, through democratic means or half so, pseudo democratic. He has reigned  for four years in the ruins of a democratic project, after having trumped all symbols of power into sacrilege, trumpeting from a cultural hall has exploited it to solely his own use, has concerted and orchestrated the groveling bunch of followers into the performance of the most dirty sewage onto the heads of his opponents or people who would oppose his brute criminal force. He had trumped the previous decent, really well-organized and intent assembles of the PEOPLE. The subsequent handshake of this ape, lured in and snatched, meant not an advance, offer for reconciliation or eventual collaboration but a well staged valorization taking away all the credit and merits of a mighty predecessor and fuelling his criminal machine, all in front of the camera!!! A most cynical and treacherous gesture – the assassination of all times, Brutus is having a rest here. A tuxedo on – grabbed from the minister of economy, (an expensive, valuable one), this one must live several flyish lives of his to earn something similar, the belt – he has stolen from a powerful rebel monk, the hat from Servantes’ daddy-long-legs, without any shoes at all – an aboriginal plebey, a pirate with his distorting mimicking monkey on the shoulder, the mobile at hand, the Dostoievskii hero of OUR times.

Analysts in social and political studies have unanimously said that there was a Tweeter run, a revolution row that struck the northen hemisphere like a thunder. I imagine it was almost everywhere the same. We are having the partisanic brotherhoods condemned and properly categorized as criminal, the other successful similar pseudo-parties in the Middle East that have captured power, have been declared terrorist as they truly are by their nature, sources and behavior, as well as purposes. A very deeply confusing period and very hard times!

How to rehabilitate a post-conflict society? A rhetorical question. Some experienced experts elaborated some schemes, patterns that could be applied and heal the wounds of the society, but when asked some details, dashed to hide that remedy of theirs, as in reality we are having two Canadas, no reconciliation is ever envisaged. A very joyful conflict rehabilitation expert from Ireland stated, spelled it out –  by replacing the welling, pouring out aggressive, deriding, perverse cartoons from five-meter high walls and covering them with another coat of deceiving wall art tagettage; by replacing the swear smear with poetry.  It would be the equivalent of removing by laser a tattoo or deep, ugly scar and drawing upon it another multicolored ornament. It’s rather, more exactly, like concealing a devastated by cancer body with a veil, sticking the pointer into violet ink to stamp and cast the ballot. The trauma is very serious. Twenty years of lying into a lethargic condition and being ruined by worms. It recedivised, it  became a chronic condition. There have been some signs lately heralding a slow return to life. Even a long forgotten dried up river in the Holy Land has miraculously carried again its  mountain waters down the lowland; even the Yellow Mount dormant volcano, that has been extinct for several centuries, has given violent signs of activity again. So much so that Europe is faced with a wave, cloud of dust and ash. Weather people reassured us that nothing seriously threatening for our health. A respiratory mask on and on we go. There have, it’s true, been repeated attempts of forced muzzling lately. Applied pressure. Some impostors have suffered, why display the stolen, gone viral guns – you become the target! Buy a bag from Prada, that’s right, and a pair of fairy tales tomcattish red boots just in case you want to be in trend and ride the wave. Impostorism is not forgiven.

Let us sharpen the senses and not dump your nuclear wastes on the ears of a much stronger than you partner. Look and perceive, see it. Everyone is taking photos masterly. No illusions. Dance your antic river dance as you might wish, no one is going to dance under your witch ramrod. Everyone is conscious and fully aware – this information, energy, attitude should ping your ear, no one is submissively laying the head. Some are extremely more creative and enthusiastic and productive than the bunch of purple, spring ephemeral tulips.  

Listen! there was the spring Birds Day. High in the sky there was a big white bird circling, like a propeller, like a wind turbine. Since early March, though, there were commuting transiting birds heard at night coming. The full booming season.

A five years sad anniversary today. A coincidence with the Easter suite of events kept with devotion by worshipers. Unlike the biblical events, in the XXI century world crime is buckled, wreathed with punishment. In God we do believe! That would be a chance for post-conflict rehabilitation – punishing and expurging criminals to begin with.

Peter Carl Fabergé  $33 million gold egg-watch, recently tracked down in an attempt of being traded fraudulously.

140320133122-egg-1-vertical-gallery 140320133754-egg-3-vertical-gallery

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