30 Mar

Unlike in the well-known Kusturika’s raw epics, in the WiFi wavelength, the bunch of synchronized, coordinated deployment of suite of events, included a perfectly respectable forum of scientific researchers, that had a highly sought topic of debate laid on the table. Some other wigged representatives with the pretense of real aristocrats in the domain of literature, or more exactly translation, who surprisingly enough have recently compromised with their elevated and refined principles and tastes and have adopted lately some other literary systems such as polysystem theory that would endeavour the complex study of a system in the complex of another one; would arrogantly claim that pragmatics used to be just a “rubbish container” of literature, literary critical study and translation in particular. I would say, on the contrary, namely those well-established disciplines with lasting traditions since the mists of the times of humanity, have tried to adapt this new semantic – philosophy of the language – approach to their object of study, by way of modernizing and enriching the methods and perspectives and scope of analysis. A derogation that is quite comprehensible and obvious, not even inferred or presupposed, in the given context of actants in the defined perimeter of pragmatic coordinates. They are saving their face and wrong decisions and more specifically insistently persisting in them. In the meanwhile the backdoor trap has opened and the new two-meter tall trolls have aggressively intruded, entered the playground, stepped into the vortex of dance-ring. Oh, perfectly hoity, matching their engendering mothers – the black bug, have come there not to make a courageous statement of some extraordinary discovery or application of that, or to try to enter the hot debate with the wittiest, but to piggyback a research, to rumple a topic that proves to be on their lezardic tastes and ride it like on their own, and see what good can ensue from that brave deed of theirs. Just like her mom, nothing new, crackers, robbers by law. So just like in Kusturica’s epigones there these two-meter tall gypsies would unfold the multicolored peacockish skirt in the masterly wrought whirl. That’s what they best do, by law. Oh, and the coffee breaks, and cocktail party at the end – there they expansively glitter – the newly twinkling bleak stars. And not at all surprising, this time nobody’s computer was blackouted in the last moment, just at the moment of presentation, another hilarious glitch by the two-meter smurf.

We have progressively witnessed an already one-year long evolvement of legal proceedings of the former symbol of human endurance and cutting edge technologies – Oscar Pistorius. Me, like many others in the world used to admire the hero who has defied all odds and challenged human limited capacities by being double amputated and competing at the international level and winning. I was in 2013 writing my master degree paper on the topic of “Semantico-Pragmatic Dimension of the Advertising Discourse. Translation Problems” and one of the examples was the video spot by Nike “Just do it”, where he was the central point of interest. As a result of all those aftermath events the sample took a totally different significance, it projected a totally different message in that complex pragmatic context. I did not withdraw that from my work. The definitive answer about how wrong, how much guilty he was is still suspended we are kept in a foggy veil of suspense, and I am under maybe wrong impression that some people start to conveniently exploit their disability, they bet namely on this, on a unanimous, collective condescendence and overconcern for ethical correctness in respects to them, so much so that they simply surpass or by-pass the limits of reasonable and legal. These little protégées of the destiny, are being overpampered and they start to gamble, to infringe rules to establish and play according to their own ones.  

Already, in the urban context of the working week routine, through the commuting bus window, my attention was arrested by the insistent sharp like a driller’s shriek bark of a dog. My sight caught a black affenpinscher, gaily wiggling its tail, customized with a red ribbon, not so much disturbed by the passing by man with a backpack, as intentionally exercising its resounding voice, just like the commonly spread stray dogs were doing, and according  to its innate instincts and intrinsic nature claiming the rights of its marked territory, or prevalence – the first come in the narrow passage between two newsagents’ booths. I was amused, the man returned his head, checked and redressed his backpack and proceeded with his way, the small breed doggie returned victoriously to his owner.

No super advanced technologies, not any make-up craftsmanship would ever reproduce the purely human feelings, character. Leo de Caprio’s profound, unrepeated oblique glance with a backside-left angle of perspective by Martin Scorcesse. The meaningful goosefoot in the corner of the eye, even unsmiling, perfectly serious, without the slightest allusion to a smile there. In the context of a most striking banter, the acid satire of a spread phenomenon of adventurism, opportunism and parvenism that has its place in the modern society.

The transition to the summer time and hour has been wreathed with a brief  jerking, convulsion last night of a 4.8 degrees on the Richter scale. Nothing serious. The warming up is unavoidable. We are in full booming season despite the preposterous predictions of the macbethian covent of cooks …


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