22 Feb

Since always, the crucial crossroads in the history of peoples have been accompanied by tough resistance and mobilization of all dark forces, denizens of the deep, all sorts of hideous trolls that suffer from megalomania emerge on the scene of events; everyone else,  the law-abiding commoner must establish for himself allegiances. This process of becoming is painful. This time in Ukraine the denouement of the dilemma happened unexpectedly quickly. The peaceful people had had elections and voted in accordance with the moment advantages from the electoral offer that had been advanced and available. The candidate was East oriented, and it suited the majority so as to strengthen the relations with the elder brother Russia, on whom they depend for much of their post soviet era type of functioning economy. The process of negotiations between EU – Eastern former soviet bloc of countries  has however advanced fortuitously sooner than expected and here alas! the hurricane has burst out. Armenia has promptly withdrawn the candidature from the list joining another regional common customs union more satisfying for them; Georgia and Moldova have proceeded with the accession procedures raising to a new level the dialogue and negotiations rounds. Ukraine has refused categorically and scandalously to take part in the Vilnius EU session and to sign the endorsement agreement with the EU, scandalously, not because they had refused and explained that they would incur enormous economic losses from the existent agreements with the Russian Federation, who eventually threatened to resiliate them; but because cynically they were fleeing to Russia to accept some generous offers of debts remission and a luring reduction for the gas prices. Encouraged by this bid from the RF the Ukrainians have been impertinent enough to reconsider their possibility of negotiations with the EU authorities at the mercantilist cynical, low level of requiring a certain sky-rocketing sum in exchange to their compliance to previous arrangements and continuation of demarches. The maidan rallies, protests and fighting have gone on for already three months. The parts in the conflict are still tenebrously obscure. That makes the impression of an accumulation of discontent and grudge from other similar agents, a concentration of stinky residuals and bad debts from the past and  a not very well shaped, delineation, design of the future, they would like to pursue  and the path to undertake. All types of political, ideological and purely criminal extremism is present there in between. Yesterday I was horrified to discover a proper head hunt that was deployed  by skilled snipers; the black list of casualties, the 77 recognized bodies and description, where it was possible, of death circumstances and type of shots – revealed namely this. Only a half of them had died on the maidan in the fights fire, the rest were found in different places, with two control shots in the head eventually in the eye!!!! And look at the social categories and occupations of those victims! A horrendous regulation of accounts!

In my country, a neighbor of Ukraine’s, Republic of Moldova, a massive exodus trail has followed after the collapse of the USSR since the 1991. The country is demographically aging, and impoverished, devastated by some opportunists former criminals become party leaders, enriched through smuggling and fraudulous privatization of public property, embezzlement schemes. The sewage scourge has infiltrated in the system is lying low for a brief period and restarting the assaults more viciously and more aggressively. One example: the present Prime Minister a perfect career diplomat, a person with an immaculate reputation, and who has a huge contribution to the reformation of the state and an orientation towards a modernization and resurrection proper of a lethargic system, has been appointed after the dirty mafiot has been dismissed as a result of impeachment and the threat of being judged for numerous crimes. That was a second advent of the canalia, he has taken part in the first privatization stage with the long dark trail of contraband activities and after a successful reconfiguration of events he popped in the post of PM allowing him open hand to everything, he stripped the economy of the country of all the remaining from the glorious soviet era enterprises and more newly found banks and even the airport the only existent in the country. Now he is prying, spying, sniffing the third opportunity to restore his “political career” so as to continue the stealing, harassing, fleecing mode of “reign”; and possibly, so as to avoid being sued, the prison term is guaranteed with the adequate, intellectual, proper, clean new generation of politicians in place after the soon-to-be elections. …And, the most important, with already a much closer scrutiny from the EU order structures. In the meanwhile, the actual Prime Minister is expiating his frauds and crimes, he being infamously enough held under the umbrella of the ridiculous troll with pretensions of a mafiot godfather who continues to detain the position of the leader of the Liberal-Democrat Party which is  likea sort of his own rancho. A ridiculous and dangerous situation caused by the deficient application of the party-system, that takes the form of some units created by in some cases, obscure sources and personalities who shield themselves with some doctrines and ambitions and empty promises for the electorate and are armed with enough hate towards the rest of the political scene participants.

Consequently, if in Ukraine they had a social revolt, in my country there was a chameleonic infiltration and fusing and mingling of the criminal, dirty recent past etched into the strong, rational, politically correct, ordered, highly educated new forces future oriented ones.  Many people of good will are puzzled and have justified worries about the developments of events in our country as well.

I was strongly challenged to have my say, to explicitly take a stand and show my place in the difficult times of turmoil. I started the present blog on the very day – 28 of November when the Republic of Moldova signed the pre-accession agreement to the EU at Vilnius, a victorious day, the apogee in the modern history of my country. The language of my choice is English a rational, intentional option. My position is clear – I am a European citizen and I do care for everything that happens here, although on principle I stay aside from politics.

 I was displeased by the Ukrainian athlete Bohdana Matsotska  gesture, who together with her father, who was coaching her,  refused to participate in the Olympic Games skiing events. After having written to the Olympic Committee a letter she packed and  returned hurriedly to her country Ukraine so as to manifest solidarity with the maidan rioters and also as a sign of protest against the 21.02.2014 bloodshed. She defected from her mission, she betrayed the expectations of her country, all she demonstrated was some false patriotic feelings. She had a noble mission of conveying a peaceful message through the language of sports, team solidarity, merging and competing in a fair struggle with the best representatives of the world there. She did not have the right to withdraw – a double shame. One for what was happening in her country and the second for failing herself and her father from complying with their duties and I reiterate for not fulfilling their mission!



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