Brand New Olympic Games.

16 Feb

Winter Olympic Games are exclusivist, elitist, intended for a strictly restricted club of rich ones. Just to look at the sports on the menu, all are requiring costly gear and equipment and! the most important, very rare, a luxury in a totally unpredictable epoch of global warming – freezing climate and weather – the snow, the ice, the mountainous white frosty peaks caps. If any and every one could eventually be a speedy runner by practicing since the earliest childhood years, since treading the first steps and assuming an independent vertical standing position, the same goes for the jumps in length, in height, with barriers, the swimming events, and for  the team games as well which are also mass adulated and practiced. When it comes to all variations of skiing, skating, figure skating, curling, bobsleigh, biathlon, skeleton the participants could come as a team but there high on the track on the  itinerary the fight goes one against all, alone against the universe, solo for his / her life! That is more than merely sporting events, competition proper that is going on. It is true that the technical – technological progress does support sportsmen a lot, all participants come endowed with state-of-the-art clothing and breakthrough equipment. The world is witnessing a display of the scientific advancement and a show-off of absolute dexterity. The suite of events distributed on days are voraciously followed and captured by an avalanche of equally elite public of fans from around the world, an army of reporters and correspondents and people anxious to feel a part of the elite sporty hub and scoop the precious moments of concurrence, fight, tricks, digression, fraud, victory, loss, the dramatic falls, the sometimes played, calculated ones, the prevalence on the verge of milliseconds that enters into play and makes all the difference.

The interesting fact of the current Olympic games is the relative young age of the participants, a competition of novices, experts say even projecting a new sort of profile: a robust competitor that has been chosen in accordance with very rigidly measured parameters, physical endurance criteria and steady performance in mostly artificially, lab created conditions, simulations, with strenuous hours of workout in predominantly European specialized centers. The victory, though, is a matter of the presence of an accumulation of a number of lucky circumstances.  

Some competitors were claiming the unexpected early spring with high temperatures that have made snow too soft, a long distance skater was scandalously performing barearmed to focus on the issue. We can understand, the Olympic Games village was hot also, boiling with the social networks dating games. If summer Olympic Games are always confronted with the increasingly more sophisticated methods of doping, the winter games, we can ascertain, have a desolating total lack of sweat, some have fancied to draw it, to have custom-made suits with perspiration painted on it in the places where normally it would appear under the conditions of heavy, sustained efforts made.

The miraculously fresh mountainous air and atmosphere, the coniferous – firs and pines fragrance is obviously natural and real, that the contestants could enjoy gratuitously besides, as a bonus from their intent shareholders and donors who credited them. But most of all as the most precious gift from mother nature.

That is equally valid for everyone without any discrimination at all. If the administration of the host country Russian Federation, have emphatically reiterated that despite the fact that they have laws prohibiting homosexual propaganda, the Olympic Games are tolerant and everyone irrespective of orientation is welcomed there. Nonetheless, like a reenactment of the hugely infamous lesby group that provocatively committed profanity and a public offence by performing in a church; we could remark among other things the provocative gesture at the opening ceremony, a voice of a homosexual female correspondent was heard that was thoroughly scrutinizing all the events for the signs of possible discrimination or intolerance of such minorities. The grin.

The current Olympic Games are unanimously evaluated as being greatly successful by the sponsors, coaches, sportsmen, media people, by the large public even by the rebellious ones that would try to challenge the established  rules, even against a background of all sorts of provocations by the unsteady climate disasters that synchronously are taking the form of enormous volcanic eruption calamity, dramatic floods, dire predictions.

Me personally, I couldn’t prevent myself from admiring them.

Darya Domrachiova, Belarus; Biathlon


Darya DomraciovabelarusBiathlon 

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