01 Feb

The omens of the new infection are entirely justified, we wonder if from aviary and hogs and swains influenza that would propagate and proliferate, as rapidly as the pandemy can, so as to fester the reasonably sane and healthy human populations. Everyone is concerned, literally. Very malicious indeed, could be compared to a biological weapon of mass destruction. And we have a whole generation of of penguins in the current winter, a youngsters’ layer of yetis. As the winter is a heavy one, very steady the icy grip, with its steel claws squeezing the frozen kingdom; that could also be justified – those froggylike paws are warm and comfortable. So, a compromise with the elegance and modernity in the name of the reasonable warmth and comfort. Let us put it as – a fashion fad, the eventual glittering stones and stars would not correct the technological error – they look like bear paws or… mittens!

Ah, and the phenomenon – another powerful tool in the digital era. This is not a metaphor, unfortunately, that would mean greed and covetousness, rapacity, raptorness → predator. A recent unjustified fluctuation, maybe speculation at the leading stock exchange was ironically called the , thus literally – someone that would have pressed by mistake more than one button, or the wrong button, or because of having the thumb too large, he had launched the inflation, the ballooning of the index by 2.5 up to 5%, that has triggered the domino, ripple effect!!!  A very dangerous move, JOKER! Someone is underestimating the digital fortress we all live in, and all know how it works. By thrusting an aristocratic wig on the paramilitary, partisan, guerilla skinhead, by powdering the shining with grease cheeks and mascaring the lashes does not disguise the solution. It does not add nobility, nor legitimacy, the lowass troll  becomes even more ridiculous and categorically one of this category should be isolated from the society, the bad example is quickly followed by a herd of bouchebees  among youth who would also want to look heroic, to rob and kill, and live a vile life of debauch, and be happy with a very objectionable ex-cheerleader keen to exploit bets in cockroach, denizens races and win, also infamously, the “winning” ticket in the most vicious lottery ever. Every piece of their outfit is an allusion with hyperlink bantering, haunting, harrassing, calomniating some clean lawabiding citizens, with an allusion to the infamous Canadian law. Opiates are increasingly being decriminalized, but not everywhere! Only for the terminal cancer sufferers actually.  Let the cosanostra guys retire in their dens, fiscal heavens and droll, reign there according to THEIR laws.

The worst thing about it is that the phenomenon has degraded dramatically (here it is not a simple whim, or my passion of using qualifiers, superlatives, hyperbola, or a penchant, predilection for exaggeration). By “dramatically” I mean the average age of gamesters, the degree of aggression, and AMBITION, in the extreme negative meaning of the word. This is a real drama! They are shaving a half of the head, raising the combs, sticking defyingly, contemptuously tongs for credibility, piercing their earlobes, digitally equipped, and armed they take by storm! They call themselves the extreme RIGHT, they want to install a new order, enforce upon reasonable majority their own rules. Starting from emblematic trifles, jokes like stealing the notary golden Parker’s pen and seal, or another prank stealing the agency Dell keyboardout of the laptop, leaving it ripped,  up to reenacting the knoxian gelousy syndrom; barbarically kidnapping and killing or torturing, replicating Christ’s passions on the opponents, lest the occasion occur. The Chinese red shirted, not communists but neo-nazi. The occasion is propitious for the good helpful neighbours also who would jump into the pandemonium to add to the havoc and awe. TIMES of wonder!!! New series of revolutions. We remember the African-Arab string, run. The quicksilver beads are not becoming smaller nor less poisonous or deadlier. Reasonable fear wouldn’t be superfluous a feeling to inspire, instill, embed. GOD preserve and protect us! 

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