Thoughts about the “Shadow Factory”…

29 Jan

The really stunning bitter thing about the 9/11 perpetrators was that they were savagely primitive –  uneducated. They took by storm a peacefully functioning system, it was not taking by surprise even or catching unprepared. The only conspiration method of the predators was beastly camouflage – that they handled “masterly”  – shaving their secularist beards – in order to blend with the civilized mob, aping the ways of life and habits of the freely circulating citizens with means, well-off with decent regular income – hiring cars, renting accommodation, having even access to training and communications!!!  Not any supersophiticated communication or coding systems – cameleoning, entering the neighbourhood university multimedia lab, accessing from the corner of the street tobacco shop computer; the elementary : using different phone cards, that was already when they started to wake up to reality and become “wittier”. No system of subordination or administration and control was in place. It was basic intuition – instincts.

 The highly expert system lost that struggle namely because of the same reason, they had underappreciated those roughards, nobody could imagine that those illiterate prophanes after some training could become such a horrendous mechanical brute force. The most regretful is that they committed the most tragic disaster in the history of the United States of America by applying their means. They intruded bare-handed, primitive; they trained at their bases, with the money poured in from external criminal sources, they invested nothing, they had nothing, they were nothing, they hijacked civil planes they wounded the heart of the country!

A truly diabolic shadow factory.


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