20 Jan

What a blessing, the benediction rain. It is much stronger than any symphony of fireworks, I mean the one from Sydney Opera not the gaping cannonade out of the blue of some erratic drug addicts. That was yesterday, John the Baptist’s religious holiday, but today all the rain has petrified into ice on tree boughs and grass. It was all chinking and rattling like diamonds when I noticed some three small kids returning from school amicably holding their hands and running through the narrow alley near the St Paul and Peter’s cathedral. They were curiously silent, not speaking or having fun, screaming, or cheering whatever – running and observing the solid state crystallized thick carpet at their feet. Clever kids also; we only exchanged a glance they slowed down, me – I smiled.

Losing or breaking down illusions is not getting lost or unearthed, it is not erring indiscriminately, levitating into a void, or losing gravity, it is stepping into and getting in touch with reality. What an odd coincidence this year’s favourites and champions in nominations from the film production dreamworks industry, by the Guild’s board and already clearly by the Accademy’s choice. “Gravity” and “12 Years a Slave”, the value and interest for both movies is doubtless, both the artistic weight and message conveyed, however they are a stable source for polemics, appreciative critical reviews but also judgmental views indicating to subtle racist and discriminatory trends that insistently persist. It’s up to us now to decide having Cate Blanchett as the best in the female leading role and Lupita Nyongo’s in the best female supporting role, mutually indicative, the play upon the contrast is not accidental, I meant to say not by accident, the unintended consequences are the jazz and speculations that would be going on for a while, that are also good promotional tricks overall that would pay back. There is also the completely geared and equipped Sandra Bullock but absolutely helpless flying into the agony of the abyss, another paradox of our momentum – the extreme vulnerability by the infinite power that we humans have come to attain. A truly outstanding performance, great films, I’m absolutely intrigued; I’ll definitely watch all of them.

Very odd or unique species always need an antagonist to confront with to exercise their strength which is manifested only through hostility and hate, normally people get some distance as far as possible from   the people they cannot stand that are disturbing them from normality and perturbing their wellbeing.

The 20th of January was found to be the bluest Monday of the year. The depression is most probable to conquer almost everyone who is not on guard. On the contrary, I think it is a general lassitude, exhaustion, an oversaturation with celebration, excess, loudly played music, and languish slothering. That is a peak, a climax from which on we must reengage totally into our activities, attend to our duties. Some malicious quarrelsome sources fomented that watch out! depressive chaps plus dieting voluntarily, intentionally after the fests to get rid of the additional kilos, or some others starving forcibly because having recklessly consumed all the stocks and reserves, would get these days even more abusive and aggressive they are likely to react unpredictably, don’t touch them. Me, I do not indulge in gluttony, nor experimentally starving, I’m cheerfully fasting; although sensitive, it is very difficult to destabilize me, I’m concentrated, I have been in a sequence made emotional, saddened, moved, sympathetic, sentimental. I am confident and optimistic these days.

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