15 Jan

“Look but coldly on it all,
Should they praise or should they jeer;
Waves that leap like waves must fall,
Do not hope and do not fear.
You imagine and construe
What is well and what is ill;
All is old and all is new,
Days go past and days come still. 

[“Gloss” MIchai Eminescu]

Why not go carping if it has come to this. A very good emphatic, rhetorical question for once to start  with, to jump into the conjecture. One is civilized enough not to brag about not having had the head washed with shampoo for an impressive period of time. I like my shampoo, I have been a loyal consumer of one brand for more than 12 years. Grotesque, subjecting oneself to brainwashing would be more severe and more consequential in terms of profound effects. Being an object of money laundering schemes, would definitely be complicity in a crime. Not to mention that being a courtesanne with in addition two non-revindicated by anyone offsprings, attests low moral principles, immorality in other words.

Moreover no one is complaining, I dislike the above-used bazaar jargon. There is the controversy which is contested, counterbarred, counterargumented, criticized, a heated point for polemics. I do not know how it comes, but the domino effect is devastating, a run that has caused the entire fraudulent pyramid to be shattered and burst out like a bubble.

Reality is certainly more horrid than any genre of fiction, as some famous movie director is reported to have told. There are not any pure genres any more. We have a fusion and an aggregate of elements belonging to different genres and the fantastic visual and audio graphic effects that are astounding. The movie festivals and the culmination in the most pompous ceremony for awarding the laurels and designating the laureates captures the global attention. Those are certainly instances of celebration of modern art masterpieces and the most talented artists. Besides there is the ritual of those handsome people walking on the red carpet and letting the photojournalists immortalize glimpses of the unique parade which constitutes another delight of the ceremony for us – the mob of ecstatic viewers. That was certainly a show of exquisite taste and luxury, but me for example, was very pleasingly surprised to discover at the arm of the best actors of contemporaneity, startlingly fresh, very beautiful and elegant young women.  Not yet touched by the esthetic surgeons, I mean, natural, and as the make-up professionals would term it wearing nude make up, thus no mask at all and so enchantingly beautiful! There is nothing that would interfere to contaminate or detract from the enormity of that splendor.

And the only and exclusive Deity to whom they bow and serve and by whom are bonded in golden chains is its Highness the Art.


71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivalsslide_332943_3313581_free

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