Dances with the wolves.

11 Jan

I definitely think that the ex-tycoon’s story is a very typical one. It is a common story of one who has become rich from ridges and in the opportunist ascension has lost the elementary human instincts of responsibility, dignity, of accountability and observance, (point it down, not obeyance!!! as the totally spoilt would claim), of the supremacy of the law. Their reason is being obstructed from the normal state of continuous alert and inquiring into who, what, if of their situation and instantly changing circumstances…  They are too confident, possessing enormous assets when the 95 % of the population lives in an abject poverty, they are extremely contemptuous, arrogant, cynical.  This is how I interpret the fact that they know they are guilty and hunted because of the obscure source of their wealth, and still defying, they do not take the least measure of security prevention, preemption. They consider themselves omnipotent. They change their faithful loving wives on fiery, sexobsessed, balloon puppets that are itched into the flesh, the pulp of their lives by watchful rivals who know how to kneel the insensitive, fallen morally opponents. That’s all – injecting that virus is the ultimate victory. If they survive the first scenario of the vendetta of the Armageddon; they are life thralls forever after.

 They have nothing to retell about, nothing to share. They are really spiteful when they are trying to spin stories, to obtain consolation, commiseration; they are pitiable trying to recruit support! Exploring somebody else’s lifeevents they definitely provoke disgust, that grotesque play with read about feelings and colours. Those monsters never blush nor become grey of awe or worries, they would flirtily undulate their bottoms, grin undercurrently their dimples, wink to their common knowledge undercover accomplices.

We witnessed an illustration of the witty fable that says that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely power of Mammon.

We also learned the other moral of the fable: that constant control and keeping two fingers on the pulse of the events! could contribute to, if not to a total victory, certainly to a long – term stability and to a more positive stress factor test result.

No, modern era is not a jungle to engage in dancing with the wolves, rather  abstaining from, could save the skin and the face.  Let us make a clear distinction between martyrs and vice, confounding such mutually excluding concepts would profanate entire history of humanity and compromise its future.

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