06 Jan

If we are to ponder what we are taking with us in the newly installed year, then definitely we would not carry with us the frustration of not being a champion. Discarded, not even left behind, it wasn’t even under consideration, never so. Unfortunately, not a masterly Maverick surfer, or even a North Pole expedition unaccomplished heroine. The last sight of that grandiose crew that set forward to reach some scientific mission – was lamentable. Hey, another pre-Christ miracle, the walking on waters. It’s true – deeply frozen ones. Mother nature forbade this time, urged the deeply concealed mysteries to be left untouched. That human wall of interwoven arms and mutually supporting bodies, namely that lay, chain was their insurance on that perilous place up till the salvation helicopter. Shocking! I say. I’m not scanning the other dimensions of the paradigm. In another part of the world another ship, a fishing vessel, found itself trapped in a piratelike  net of unfounded pretensions, no it’s not so much about some infringement of pertaining territories, or care about the reckless exploitation of resources, it was piratery proper, literally.

Mother nature is genial, nevertheless when we are complaining that entire territories could disappear under waters, in other parts it’s vice versa the waters are withdrawing, ebbing, several centimeters per year, leaving behind the banks of salt and sand, the proper dead lakes and seas beds; the planet, warns us that it is still active, it still has unattested resources, the recent volcano emission has proven it, it is said to be so considerable its yellow  lava that it could give rise to another island.

I totally agree with another allegation of a respectable Russian blogger that namely their President deserved the Nobel Prize of this year, as it was namely him who prevented the breaking out of a horrendous war in Syria. It was only him, who steadfastly, vehemently opposed, to invading their territories to punish them and “resettle” order – he was right; and the Peace Nobel Prize was awarded with a great, credit or advance, anticipation, to an organization that was jointly mandated to liquidate the chemical weaponry stockpiles from Syria. Thus, factually, that phantom NGO was awarded the high award beforehand, before even starting to accomplish a not so trivial a mission!!!

I contest that doable plans could be achievable, but dreams are ideal, phantasy, they could jeopardy and set back even very strong but controversial personalities in any circumstances, they definitely might drive someone crazy. Well, I now refer to an Oscar winner from last year, 2013, a very highly acclaimed film based on Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. Screenwriter and Director’s aim was namely to create, to shape the profile of a very persistent hero, one who reached unimagined heights in wealth and imagination, through far from being honest means, counting only on his opportunism and betting on the condescendence of his treacherous fortune, leaving aside the scruples when gambling. At the end he lost his life in those reckless stakes and suicidal bets on his chimeras. It is also true, that just like it becomes almost a stigma for Leo de Caprio as starring in tragic romances and playing lucky opportunists that end up badly because of their uncontrolled hazard, it truly is a feature of one’s character to or not to tread on the same rake.

Unless learning some lessons from our past mistakes and failures!


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