28 Dec

Not that I would be a scandalmonger or warmonger, I have met such women in my life, but I take a special interest in conflicts. Conflicts, that arise both inside a country, domestic strifes, as well as external; territorial, religious ones. A queerly  sounding question that would logically follow was “Which is your favourite modern era conflict?”. Actually I was taken aback when I detected the sincere curiosity and drive with which I addressed the politically not very correct question to an International Relations student. He hesitated a bit, as he is a sophomore and hasn’t probably made up his mind yet which one he would like to follow, track, maybe he is interested in more than one, maybe he hasn’t arrived yet at studying the subject according to his curriculum, and would never evolve up to this level. My answer to such a question would be without much thinking the Israel-Palestinian conflict, I do not open the brackets why.

The subject of wars and conflicts is infinite, there are a profusion of sources in all types of formats, interactive maps that locate the hotbed of conflicts, years when they started happened, parties involved, causes, aggravation phases, truce periods, influent  international bodies that intervened, solutions offered, constraints imposed, penalties inflicted.  Territorial conflicts on land, water, air space between two and more states, long lasting conflicts, and brief ones like a thunderstorm, isolated or that overrun the borders of a particular state, of the sort of the dazzling Arabian Spring, very viral, violent, unexpected from those folks that had lived some twenty years under the rule of a dictator and haven’t even been aware about the abnormality of that fact in a universally ruling  democratic system and values. Those events were fascinating from this point of view, but the post revolution periods proved to be not very justifying for the number of casualties suffered by those peoples. Very often though, those revolutions have projected in prominence some very perfidic, cynical agents some mysterious  parties that have very dubious sources for funding that is well known to be from the terrorist organization donations, also so the motives. Thus even if an incipient timid attempt for a democratic path has been undertaken, it proved subsequently that a dictator has been overturned and an openly terrorist party has taken the reigns. The warriors move, migrate from one part of the Orient to another one, from Palestine, Pakistan to Syria, in search of a completion of their claimed mission, funds pouring in and with all this a continuous ordeal for the local populations that have to flee, to take up the status of a refugee, so as to save their families, and the new status not securing much for them as they have to earn their subsistence in those new circumstances. Humanitarian disasters! that are very profitable for some tiers parts that have vested interests through the weaponry manufacture industry, but also the directly involved parts, very often we catch from the news the scenario that they agree with the imposed conditions of a signed treaty if they are rewarded by being paid huge sums of money or provided some goods. That sort of concessions are not really diplomatic victories, nor even economical gains, I find them as foul play. Despite the concluded agreements they continue each one its activity, we have cloned drones spying, hacking of nuclear facilities IT system,  infringements of established frontiers…

All these specimen of modern political behavior are happening on the background of some more profound changes complications from our deep conflict with nature – the unforeseen consequences of the global climate changes.

 A rescue appeal has recently been launched by the Russian expedition ship Akademik Shokaliskiy that has been caught, stalled in the Antarctic glaciers, some Chinese icebreaker had tried to help but has also been stalled; now a third French vessel that was found in the vicinity is waited to intervene. Thus help, save Akademik Shokaliskiy from an imminent catastrophe. A very symbolic event for a glacial relation that we, the humanity are having with nature.

We are also in conflict with ourselves!


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