26 Dec

Not that the memory is the one that is failing me, it is fully operational. Still, that blocknotes application might be useful for the case of amassing and collecting the facts so as to crosscheck and complete them eventually later, or if the information emerged unexpectedly, inopportunely but fortuitously enough, though. Moreover, the output that is being developed is not a subsequent mere replica or reproduction of content, a phantasy emulation by a 4D printer of a new toy; it is a reconsideration of that chunk of data through one’s own filter of a sphere of knowledge, judgments, ideas. Far from it, for the end-product being a reconstruction of a fancy maze, or a time-killing rearrangement of a dots-bullets in a banal electronic game. Not a killer application nevertheless, it does not create miraculously anything from scratch.

The modern technologies are appealing, however are inviting to collaborate with both the input device and… no! with nobody else, negotiating with one’s own stock, bank of lexical units, words and phrases and the support of glossaries  and thesauruses available. It is a competition between functional technical skills and an imposing reserve of knowledge encrypted with character that has the chance to be remarked, be of any consequence and endure.

Fact and opinion, causation and consequence very often merge, fuse into a viral loop a circle that could become a vicious one, and where it could be hard to discriminately perceive between the two, it hinders progress, builds up frustration and damages without ever being remediated.

There is in addition the strong willingness and total persistent apathy, laxity, desertion on the other side, that could here enter concurrently in competition. The prevailing end of the scales would define the prevalent one. No grudge.

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