25 Dec

No, the carols are on the old style Eve, the pretzels, the old tradition scenes of battles between the old and the new times with the staging of all kinds of masks evil ones, of fierce beasts but also kind, angelic ones; each playing his genuine nature. On the new style my people are celebrating with pretense and ambition, aspiration to a new format type of celebration, not totally unknown basically for the vast majority. Not in the church, certainly, with a common prayer and hymn to the felicitous event of the immaculate nativity of the God’s cherished son who served as redemption for the general humanity’s sin. We the modern, celebrate at clubs, restaurants with an abundance of delicious treats and refined drinks and gifts and fireworks and we rejoice, as we can best, everyone in accordance with, following his true nature, innate impulses, instincts, moulded character.

Toasts, wishing good luck profusion, fulfillment of great expectations, jokes, laughter; very few have the habit to rewind the track of the past year to reconsider, meditate, analyze.

I admired the very professional carol by the CNN economic rubric team in an empty church, their bitter admission, confession of failures, shortcomings, prayer of absolution, and the shaped, outlined fervent wishes and projects for the next year, the reiterated refrain was about the redressed, recovered economy, a very hearty interpretation also!!!  Clad in their cloaks, they were preaching what they practise, what they are concerned with on a daily basis, where they painfully lose and triumphantly champion, all that consolidated group together. Cheers for them. From the audience that was missing physically from that secret reunion, but would be let to know, because that strong, healthy adherents constitute and contribute also to the strength of the song, they are the end-target indubitably.

Here in my country parades of traditional folk dress, out of the granny’s chest are being enacted also with the noble mission of reviving and maintaining them at least as a show in the popular memory, not letting them sink definitely into oblivion and into the tumult and myriad of the contemporary fads and fashions.

There are also different styles of Little Black Dress – LBD, it could be one of reference that would stay very long in the memory of several generations, and would be elevated to the state of the art or masterpiece proper, technically and creatively, artistically so. That would gain prominence and would not even follow the regular life span of a style, because it would not be an imitable one, not a model that would immediately be caught and propagated, mass multiplied, prophanated, vulgarized. That is Haute Couture, high enough  not to be followed and aped.

If by the end of the year all types of tops are being compiled covering different sources of data and populations, then I would contest that Nicole Kidman is a style icon among movie stars, Lady Gaga is a dazzling creationist; Karla Bruni is a moderate modern; Britney Spears – vulgar;  the Miley Cyrus – abject.

The LBD could be little as a diminutive, affectionately called so because it saves a lot and could endow greatly if well applied. It could be sumptuous, luxurious, but it also could be plain, mean, deficientlike, insufficient yes, short, very mini in addition, plus letting to be seen much too much than would be necessary or wished.

Festivals and Carnivals, Masquerades, why embody something evil, horny and emulate something that we would not wish someone else to do unto us, why spoil the karma. A perfect embodiment of a, I would not say, evil wonder, from that famous and very beautiful fairy tale “Mirror-Mirror”. She is so perfectly woman, beautiful, doted, gifted, wealthy, and conceited, haughtily arrogant, and competing, engaging in a tough race because… because, the other one is just the total opposite of her, the reverse, the rival,  and … pleasing!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

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